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Vivo X5Pro Smartphone Launched in Malaysia

Hello hai lovely readers ..

Vivo has recently launched their latest smartphone - Vivo X5Pro. The launching which were held at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre recently was attended by Mr. Alex Feng, the Vice President of Vivo Global, Mr. Lewis Zhang, CEO of Vivo Malaysia and 1500 guests including me.

Vivo X5 Pro - the one touted as "Touch By Beauty" is a perfect phone that combines fun & intelligence for the youth. Inspired by nature, the phone features curves that resemble a drop of water, double-sided 2.5D glass combined with metallic frame design and a breathtaking finishes, all packed in a slim 6.44mm body. The Vivo smartphone is perfect in detail, impressive in both visual and function and in invoking the beautiful flawless concept.

Vivo X5Pro comes with SmartWake, a fully customizable screen gesture feature. The phone also comes with the focus and central positioning of PDAF, together with high-speed flash, positioning itself as the industry's fastest AF speed. Powered by AKM AK4375 chip and combined with Vivo many years experienced, Vivo X5Pro also has the World's most stunning Hi-Fi sound quality and world's first 'Touch By Beauty'. Vivo X5Pro with the ability of recognising the gender and this will definitely make our Selfie fun and easy.

Vivo is designed for the youth - Its Fun. Its Energetic. Its made of the Innovative Technology.
(Photo credit to SunshineKelly's instagram)

Vivo is available in the market at RM1,599.00 only.

With all its unique features and selfie friendly, I'm sure Vivo suits my lifestyle and personality. Yeahhh .. Its Vivo X5Pro Smartphone that I'm holding.

Me and my blogger friend, Elana chilling with Vivo X5Pro - Its slim, its very light, its handy, its Selfie Friendly .. suits Selfie Queen like us !! Hehe. 
(Photo credit to Elana's instagram)

So readers, Vivo X5Pro Smartphone is now safely landed at the Malaysian market. Do check it out to witness yourself the unique features of Vivo X5Pro .. who knows one of it might be yours, right.