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8th August is my day

8th August is my day.
I became a mother on 8th August 1996. 
19th years ago i delivered a baby boy on 8th August.
8th August is my day. 
I'm sharing this special day with my only child, Aiman.

In our family, Birthday is a meaningful day. A celebration with the families on a birthday is a MUST. Aiman's 19th Birthday cake sponsored by Ucu. Thanks Ucu.

Aiman cutting his Birthday cake with cousins. We had dinner together, we talked, we joked, we laughed .. we had a great time spending quality time together. I love my Hip Hop Family very much. Thanks Ucu for the Dinner. Thanks Ucu for the lovely cake too.

Happy 19th Birthday Aiman. Yes .. you are 19 .. How times has flies so fast. You are still my baby even you are 19th already. Mama loves you very much. Every single time, every single minutes you are always in my heart. May Allah SWT blessed your life and showered you with love. Semoga sampai ke Jannah kasih sayang kita. Amin.