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Sotong Sumbat, Peranakan Otak-Otak at WonderMama

Hello Hai Readers ..

Last 2 weeks, Misz-ella and friends were on Food Hunting mission. We were at the Wondermama for Food Review. Thanks .. Thanks .. Thanks .. We all 'Kaki Makan' .. we love Food Review. Yeayyy !!

Wondermama, Bangsar Village, Kuala Lumpur. Kafe Wondermama lokasinya betul-betul di Pintu hadapan Bangsar Village. Its called 'Wondermama' ~ To show how wonderful and amazing Mama's food is served in this Kafe.

Dekorasi dalam Kafe ~ Wahhh sangat nostalgic lah!

Orang dulu-dulu macam Misz-ella mesti ingat Kertas Tikam ni. Masa kecik dulu, sanggup pergi Kedai bawak duit 10 sen nak main tikam. This Kertas tikam is part of the decoration in Kafe Wondermama.

Basikal Comel pun ada

OK .. Enough with the introduction and some nice photos on the Wondermama I.D. Lets move on to their Menu.

Peranakan Fish & Cip 
Its Otak-otak coated with special battered served with Fries and Tartar Sauce. The Tartar Sauce is their specialty ~ made with a mixture of wasabi. This Peranakan Fish & Cip is crispy, delicious and a Must Try!

Otak-Otak Curlers 
This crunchy and crispy Otak-otak flavour ' Yau Char Kwai'. Dip it with the Thai Sauce, hurmmmm .. yummy!!

Sotong Sumbat

Squid stuffed with Nasi Goreng Tomyam and seared with Mama's special spicy sambal, serve with Thai Sauce and a side of Mix Salad. This is my favourite among all. I love the creative idea of enjoying Sotong, Nasi Goreng Tomyam and Sambal in one go. I will definitely not hesitate to repeat Wonder Mama for this special dish.

Black Spider Fried Rice 
Malaysia meets Japan in this Fried Rice dish of soft-shell crab, vegetables egg and black ebiko. Served with Mayo. This fried rice really wins my heart. I memang suka Nasi Goreng macam ni. Look simple tapi cukup segala rasa. Ask for Cili Padi with Ketchup if you want it to be spicy.

Another shot of Black Spider Fried Rice. Mmmmm .. Yummy!!

Ibu's Curry Laksa
Honestly I am not a fan of Curry Laksa or Curry Mee .. but the one served in Wondermama is nice. Curry lovers should try this noodle.

Chicken Satay
Homemade Chicken Satay served with Mama's peanut sauce, red onion and cucumber. The satay is perfectly blended with the spices, leaving you non other feeling other than 'ohhhh my happy tummy'. Hehe.

Bibik's Itik
Sliced smoked duck served with Mama's peanut sauce. Recommended for those who are looking for light food.

Kerabu Ayam
A complete serving of Kerabu Ayam ~ Chicken, Onion, Bunga Kantan, Cili Padi all perfectly blend in one plate. Be careful with the Cili padi .. its really spicy!!

Mum's Secret Duck
Another recommended Salad for salad lovers ~ A salad of sliced smoked duck breast, crunchy keropok, nutty peanuts and mixed salad, enhanced with Mama's homemade Thai Chilli Dressing .. i tell you .. this bowl of salad will definitely make you remember Wondermama more. Its so delicous!

I always love Rojak Buah. Ibu's Rojak Buah ~ A plate of various type of fruits, crunchy beansprouts and 'yau char kwai' complete with homemade 'Kuah Rojak' in Wondermama is a bit spicy. Misz-ella loves spicy food so this is for me.

Ibu's Mee Siam
There is only one word to describe this Peranakan flavours vermicelli noodles ~ Delicious !!

Nasi Lemak Rendang Ayam
Have you tried Nasi Lemak cooked with Halba? If not, try this Nasi Lemak perfectly cooked with halba and Santan, served with Rendang Ayam, sambal udang petai, egg, crunchy keropok, anchovies and kangkung ~ the most wanted dishes in Wondermama. So please do not try, k

Durian Krep
Durian Krep with cornflakes and corn served in a 'Kole'. I just love the art of serving it in 'Kole' and scoop it out with the spoon. Yeahhh .. eat, have fun and feel like home ~ Only in Wondermama.

Nana Tella
Suits sugar craze like me!

Pisang De Goreng served with Ice-cream
Pisang deep fried with special battered, sesame and almond ~ complete it with Icecream and mashmallows. Perfect!

Cuteness overloaded with the name!!  Do not forget to order I-for-got-to-smile!! The red bean and mashmallow topping and drizzle it with coffee. A must desert for Coffee Lover like me.

The delicious drinks serve at WonderMama. *Pics 1 to 3 credit to The Thinkerbelle.com. Pic 4 credit to Sidney Kan of Big Boys Oven.*

All in all in .. we had a great time spending our night reviewing the Food at Wondermama. The food, the drinks, the ambience are all PERFECT!!  

For more information, updates and promo on Wondermama, visit them on their Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/mywondermama, or their website at http://wondermama.co/

Last but not least, Thanks to The Butterfly Project and Wondermana for the opportunity. We really had a blast!!