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Jom Gaya Hidup Sihat ~ Makan dan Exercise

Another chapter of my exercise diary .. hidup Misz-ella camni la .. kalau tak kerja, exercise. Kalau tak kat Event kat Gym. Tu je la tempat...

Puteri. Kawan Baik. Mak Tak Sehat. Kitten & Kasut Cantik.

Today sharing is chatting. Saja nak sembang-sembang dengan korang. Haha .. assive like i got nothing to do, kan. Padahal entry bersusun nak buat. Its ok .. chatting is therapy. Once therapy is done lets continue with my draft entries. Draft box is so full .. Ohh my back log. Haha.

Saturday pagi i exercise, back to home in the afternoon and Saturday night i spent my time with 'kesayangan' - Puteri and Huda. Huda is Puteri's friend. I fetched her at home so that they can spend time together. Kita pergi ke Setia City Mall, tengok air pancut berwarna and play bubble together. We went to the playground and kids want to eat KFC. We ended up the session with Gelato Ice Cream and yeayyy !! we had a great time together. I always love spending quality time with 'kesayangan' ~ God is always fair. Even I have one kid and he has grown up, my life is filled with others. Anak buah sentiasa ada menceriakan hari-hari Mama Ella. Always love to be with them. Life is always great!! Alhamdulillah.

One of the day, i took a few hours of my busy schedule to meet Taufik. Heyyy its Taufik on the house. Hai Taufik *waving right hand* Taufik work in US and on vacation in Malaysia. He will be on Europe tour next 29th before he return to US on early November. Taufik, me and Yana are friends. We miss you here, Yana. We hope you are here with us. As usual, time with Taufik is always precious. Bak kata kawan Yana, bila dengan Taufik kita happy je. Taufik pandai ambil hati, pandai menceriakan keadaan, banyak gelak bila kita dengan dia. Ada je benda dia nak cakap or buat untuk buat kita gembira. All the best to you Taufik. Send my regards to Bunda and sista. I pray for your happiness, Taufik. Taufik is still single. Sapa-sapa nak apply? Ehhh kena lalu Misz-ella dulu. Haha

I was down with flu and fever one of the night and here we go .. Panadol soluble for me and him. Anak dan mak sehati sejiwa maka sakit kita pun bersama-sama. Mama love you Aiman. Muahhh.

I went back to SU over the weekend and brought my favourite shoes to mom's. Hadiah buat kaki yang banyak berjasa membawa saya ke sini sana. Happy feet make me happy too. 

Since Dad passed away, we moved in to Mom's to take care of her. Dekat rumah mama pun ada kucing. Nama dia Shitake. She just gave birth to a male kitten a month ago. We call him Sashimi. Sashimi is sooo cute. Dah pandai jalan dan duduk atas my laptop. OOhhhh .. ok u want me to look at you, ya. OKok .. no work .. hands off from the keyboard. My times are all yours, Sashimi.

Haiiiiii ..nama saya Miko. Seriously rindu sangat kat Miko. Miko is my neighbour's cat which i adopted. Miko will accompany me, will sleep with me, will kiss me to wake me up from my sleep, will listen to me. Miko is so special. He is a clever, handsome and gorgeous cat. Miko is full of emotion. He understand my happiness, my sadness and my anger. Miko will touch my cheek if i'm sad or angry with him. Miko will shake Aiman's hand if Aiman is angry with him. Miko will accompany Aiman's sleep if he refuse to wake up. Tapi jarang-jarang la nak marah kat Miko. Sebab dia sangat pandai mengambil hati dan memahami. Miko is so special and close to our heart. We miss you Miko *sobs*

Lastly, today is my happy + sad day. I worked hard for something since few months ago and today, a good news, the much awaited news arrived. But things come with pro and cons. Deep inside, there is a little sadness. But this is my decision, this is what i want. Hold into it. I have another 3 months before i have to say GoodBye. Yes. 3 more months, Ella *sad*

OkOk. Dont want to be in a sad mode forever. Lets push the positive vibes into our life. 'Down' boleh tapi jangan lama-lama. Cepat-cepat lah kita 'up' kan diri. Got to go. Ok Byeee.


Nieda ramly said...

wah tingginya kasut...kalau saya pakai mesti terpelecot... simple but nice shoes

Anonymous said...

Another 3 months tu nak pergi mana, berhijrah ke?