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Laneige BB Cushion Beauty Road Tour in Mid Valley

Hello Hai Readers ..
I was at Laneige BB Cushion Beauty Road Tour few weeks ago.

Well .. its Laneige!! ~ the largest cosmetic company in South Korea which offers a complete skincare and make up range .. who want to miss this opportunity, right.

Laneige, created and formed in 1994, became a professional skincare brand in 2010 and now has stores in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Brunei, Philippines, New Zealand, Canada and United States.

Its Laneige BB Cushion  ~ the Subject of this Entry. Lets checkidaut ..

12 shades of Laneige BB Cushion from Whitening and Pore Control range to cater for our skin needs.

Laneige BB Cushion come with 6 in 1 Benefits :-
  • Pore Control
  • Pore Coverage
  • Semi-matte Finish
  • Water Resistant
  • Soothing Effect
  • UV Protection
Laneige BB Cushion came with SPF 50+ UV protection offering a maximum coverage against the sunlight. It also contains a lot of water to lock-in our skin moisture. Well, I love the cool soothing effect that Laneige BB Cushion gave when i first tap it on my face. So cool!! Laneige BB Cushion also give a perfect pore coverage leaving our skin a natural flawless skin in a longer hours.

Heyyy .. its me and the Laneige BB Cushion ~ I am using Code No. 31 Brown Beige for my skin. I love it so muchhh !! It provide my skin a long lasting flawless non-sticky and oily condition. It lock in my skin moisture and its All-In-One ~ a moisturizer, sunblock and foundation in one Compact container. This really make my make up process easier. Say ByeBye to Facial blotters paper with Laneige BB Cushion *love*

Korean Celebrity Model, Hwang Se-On who is also the Ambassador for Laneige sharing her beauty tips during the Road Show.

*Photo from Miera's FB*
Makeup demonstration by Cat, Laneige MUA. We were given a tips on how to get a flawless skin with Laneige BB cushion. To look beautiful is so easy with this Korean technology. So impress!!

Laneige BB cushion Road Tour is full of fun!! There are games, quiz and lots of activities that stick your feet there from it started till it ends. And I brought home 3 Laneige BB Cushion sample. Yeayyyyy .. sooo happy *love*

A dance perfomance by Korean famous TV show performance ~ Dancing 9 completed the whole Rod Tour. So fun and entertaining!!

For more information on Laneige B.B. Cushion, click their website at here or check Laneige's Instagram at https://instagram.com/laneigemy/?hl=en. Nice photo, you will love it gals!