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TONY ROMA'S Summer Retreat Food Promotion

Hai lovely readers ..

In this Entry, I'm gonna share you the latest Tony Roma's promotions called 'Summer Retreat Promotion' ~ From 27th July - 6th September 2015, lets treat our tummy with this delicious food only at Tony Roma's. Misz-ella and friends was invited for the Food Review ~ Satisfaction guaranteed .. leaving you non other feeling than 'happy tummy. So dear readers, lets check it out ..

Barbeque Trio - RM74.09
The soft juicy Beef Ribs with Sweet Black Pepper Sauce, 1/4 BBQ chicken with white BBQ Sauce, Lamb sausage with Mustard sauce, French fries and Coleslaw.

Well .. all that you want is on one plate *happy* The ribs .. as usual, Tony Roma's ribs are always my favourite. Soft and juicy. The chicken is perfectly marinated and grill and the Lamb sausage is a no regret *First time trying Lamb sausage'

White Barbeque Chicken - RM32.75
A juicy half chicken basted with White BBQ Sauce. Served with French Fries and Coleslaw. Chicken lovers should try this. The sauce is good ~ a little bit sweet but its really a perfect match for the soft juicy barbeque chicken. 

Cajun Spiced Onion Loaf - RM14.73
Spanish onion, specially and carefully cut, breaded and deep fried, served with Sriracha ranch sauce. This will be my new favourite snack at Tony Roma's but oopssss .. for limited time only

Honey Lime Shrimp Salad - RM31.69
Grilled shrimp Asian salad mix, Honey lime dressing, Mango, Avocado, Tortila Strips, Feta Cheese, Tomatoes and Cilantro

I always love colourful food. The ingredients of this colorful are all my favourites !! Avocado, cherry tomatoes, mango, feta cheese and the shrimp to complete the whole dish .. PERFECT!! I ate a lot!! Haha. But readers, do not forget to eat the shrimp together with the salad. Do not keep it to the last ... not the right way to enjoy the real taste of the salad then.

Seasonal Cobbler - RM10.49
Red Apple, Pear and Cranberry Cobbler with a Cinnamon crust topped with Vanila Ice Cream. I was the first to try and Ummmmmmmm ... sedapnyaaaaa. Hey ..  i am a fans of red apple and pear. I kept on digging the fruits enjoying it scoop by scoop with the icecream. This is a MUST-TRY desert. You guys better check it out, k.

Included in the Menu promotion are also the delicious drinks ~ 

Pina Mango Swirl - RM17.91
Pina Colada is a coconut shake drink mixed with mango and topped with crushed pineapple.

Pina Strawberry Swirl - RM17.91
A mix of coconut shake with strawberry and topped with crushed pineapple

Pina Colada - RM15.79
Mix coconut shake with pineapple juice and topped with crushed pineapple

TONY ROMA'S Summer Retreat Food Promotion is running now till 6th September 2015. So readers, wait no more .. make your way to any TONY ROMA's outlet to grab the offer. Bye.


Mahamahu said...

Amboi sedapnya semua hidangan tu hehehe bila nak belanja chek ni hehehe...

Amanda Suria said...

Wah2...makan busar la KC...bestnyaaaaaa

Norhafizah (Lina) said...

meleleh ayak liur... kak nor tengah tunggu spaghetti tony roma's husband janji bawa balik.

Alyza Fisol said...

tempting!!! terus rasa lapar..hehehe


Cik Aann said...

Hmmmmm.. i sabar aje tau tengok gambar2 ni..
on diet ni kak ella..takpa..saya sabar,,

saya ade salmon tau pagi ni..hehehe

Spray vegetable

Hanis Azla said...

Aduhai.. sedapnya! dah telan2 liur dah ni.. suka sangat shrimp kat tony romas..

Anonymous said...

patutlah suka pergi Tonny Romas, tentu ada banyak sejarah tu...sampai manegement tu dah kenal dan sponsor lak lagi tu