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Deluxcious Luxurious Heritage Hotel, George Town, Penang

Hello lovely readers,

As promised, I will share an entry about my recent trip to Penang. Penang is one of the places which I love to visit. Every year, Misz-ella and her family will be seen in Penang. 

Where to stay? What to do? Are amongst our favourite questions ~ As most of Penang's attraction are located in the city centre, George town is always our choice while we were in Penang. 

In case if you do not know, George Town is actually a very special city. In the year 2008, George Town was designated as UNESCO World Heritage site. George town was recognized as having a "unique architectural and cultural townscape WITHOUT parallel anywhere in East and Southeast Asia".

George Town the capital of the island Penang, is named after the British King George III and was the first British settlement in Southeast Asia. 

A Victorian architecture building at George Town

I personally love George Town because it has the largest collections of pre-war buildings ~  British colonial buildings with magnificent Victorian architecture, clan temples of the various Chinese clan associations with extravagant architecture, lavish mansions left by the rich traders who resided in George Town once upon a time, row of Chinese shophouses with unique and antique oldies touch which really attracted my heart and not to forget the unique mosque, churches and many more. George Town is definitely a living heritage city!

Beyond the old town, George Town is also a modern city with skyscrapers and shopping malls. George Town is a perfect city for both - those who love modernization and for those who love heritage just like me.

I recently stayed at Deluxcious Luxurious Heritage Hotel during my visit in George Town. I chose this luxury boutique hotel because of a few reasons ~ the main reason is the perfect location, easy to explore the city and I love heritage building!

This 19th-century colonial residence building is well-taken care and is a home for 19 exquisite suites to cater for all travelers, from single to families with kids. Spacious area with gated parking and there are a few buildings in the compound where you can find the spa and a fine dining restaurant.

The staircase 

Image from google

Deluxcious Luxurious Heritage Hotel is the one and only historic luxury boutique hotel in Malaysia with Van Gogh inspired decor. The design blends with modern Victorian Style decoration and furnishing. 

I booked a Family Suite which has 2 queen beds. This luxury furnished room is comfortable enough for 4 persons traveling together.

Rooms are equipped with free wifi, cable TV, room safebox, hairdryer, complimentary minibar with splendid 14' King Koil top quality mattress, duvet covers and premium pillows.

I love the luxury touch given to the room but what most important thing was .. the bed is so comfy till we woke up late the next morning *love .. love .. i really love the bed .. don't feel like waking up .. LOL*

The room comes with a separate sitting area

and a big, clean bathroom which comes with rain shower! Yes!! I love rainshower.

Not only the place offers luxury suites, guests can also pop in anytime and indulge themselves at the spa for a holistic pampering at the Deluxcious Spa or be treated with a sumptuous set lunch at Deluxcious restaurant.

With its location situated in the heritage, shopping and food hub, Deluxcious Luxurious Heritage Hotel is definitely a perfect place to be whenever you are in Penang.

Room rate starts from RM150 (single room). Book during promotion and grab a good price!