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New Samurai in Action at Hotel Maya, Kuala Lumpur

Hello lovely readers,

If you are one of the million fans of Japanese food, this news is for you! Hotel Maya Kuala Lumpur has appointed Chef Zainurin bin Mohd Salleh as the new Executive Sous Chef effectively 15th July 2019.

Chef Zainurin who was born and raised in Masjid Tanah, Melaka has 30 years of culinary experience garnered from working in several renowned hotels and Japanese fine dining restaurants.

He started his passion for food and cooking at a tender age after years of helping his mother. When he was 19, he entered Akademi Laut Malaysia (ALAM) in Melaka to further his culinary study. Upon graduation, he began his culinary journey in the year 1987 and developed his skills in Japanese cooking.

Japanese cuisine teaches us to be disciplined, respectful, creative and honest. It is the art of preparing the dishes which makes it special and unique. We need to carefully use the right skills and techniques to get the best of its taste he said.

As an introduction, Chef Zainurin brings together three of his signature dishes which are the ‘Hotate Mentai Mayo Yaki’ selling at RM22

Dragon Roll (RM27) 

Beef Sirloin Steak (RM34)

Besides that, 6 new dishes are also being introduced for customers who choose to eat at Hotel Maya’s Japanese & Cantonese cuisine restaurant, Still Waters.

The dishes are Yaki Zakana Set, grilled salmon with salt or teriyaki sauce, served with rice, salad and miso soup

Salmon Sashimi Set, slices of fresh salmon, served with rice, salad and miso soup

Tempura Set, deep fried prawn and vegetable with tempura batter, served with rice, salad and miso soup.

There are also Sashimi Moriawase Set, assorted raw fish, served with rice, salad, miso soup and steamed egg

Sushi Yaki Zakana Set, assorted fish slices with vinegar rice served with grilled fish, miso soup, salad and steamed egg.

Ramen Gyoza Set, ramen noodles with condiments, served with rice and salad. These sets are available from RM30.

So my lovely readers, if you are a fan of Japanese food *like me*, this could be your perfect choice. Hotel Maya is strategically located at the heart of the city, just a short stroll away from the Petronas Twin Towers.  Let's check it out, ok!