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Hello lovely readers!

Starbucks introduces their newest autumn beverages, the Starbucks® Vanilla Fig Latte Starbucks® Irish Cream Cold Brew.

Arriving for the very first time in Malaysia, both beverages are the peak highlight of Autumn season which will excite and amuse your palates with satisfaction in every sip. Brewing from 11 September 2019 onwards, these new beverages showcase coffee craftsmanship at its finest with unique autumn flavors:

New! Starbucks® Vanilla Fig Latte - The Vanilla Fig Latte is a tasty alternative to the classic Vanilla Latte, with just the right amount of sweetness. Starbucks signature espresso meets creamy steamed milk and vanilla syrup, topped with dried fig to enhance the coffee & complexity. The result is a taste that is smooth, balanced and subtly sweet. The Vanilla Fig Latte is available as a hot, iced or blended handcrafted beverage by request.

New! Starbucks® Irish Cream Cold Brew - The Irish Cream Cold Brew beverage is an indulgent new take on our signature, super-smooth Cold Brew. Just before serving, the slow-steeped custom blend Starbucks® Cold Brew Coffee is topped with a float of Irish cream, creating a silky-smooth and flavorful experience. The Irish Cream Cold Brew is only available as an iced handcrafted beverage.

Arriving in Malaysia once again is the Starbucks Anniversary Collection, which makes its comeback with magical depictions of the heritage of the Starbucks Siren swimming freely in oceanic hues of ethereal deep-sea elements. The merchandise collection includes a wide array of drinkware and accessories showcasing the mysterious and alluring Siren in her element, with her celestial beauty drawing the focus of everyone who lays eyes on her.

Joining the Starbucks Anniversary Collection is the new Starbucks Siren Bearista, dressed as the iconic Starbucks Siren in an aquamarine mermaid suit and adorned with a golden crown. The Siren Bearista is the first of its kind in the Starbucks Bearista series and is sure to create a sensation among Starbucks fans this season.

Meanwhile, savor the bold taste of the Starbucks Anniversary Blend coffee. Originally intended only to be offered for a few weeks, the Starbucks Anniversary Blend won the hearts of many and has returned every year during the autumn season. Paying homage to the origins of Starbucks from the humble Pike Place Market, the true artistry and boldness of the coffee radiates in its distinctive cedary spice notes from the coffee cherries of Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and enhanced with the addition of the iconic Sumatra. The Starbucks
Anniversary Blend is also available in the micro-ground Ready Brew VIA® Instant Coffee, and in Whole Bean (250g) for your convenience and preference.

Lastly, Starbucks is also introducing a new promotional whole bean coffee, the Single-Origin Sumatra, which features a smooth body with light green herbal notes that is sure to put you in the mood for autumn. This coffee is a moment in Starbucks history worth celebrating, as it marks the first time Starbucks has explored a medium roast for its single-origin Sumatran coffee, which vastly differs from the core dark roast Sumatra coffee found in its stores.

The handcrafted Starbucks® Vanilla Fig Latte and Starbucks® Irish Cream Cold Brew are priced at RM 15.90 onwards. The Starbucks Anniversary Collection is priced from RM45 onwards, and the Single-Origin Sumatra is priced at RM45, while the Starbucks® Anniversary Blend is priced at RM40 and the Starbucks
Siren Bearista is priced at RM115. The all new autumn offerings will be available at all stores from 11 September 2019 onwards, while stocks last.

So, if you are one of the Starbucks fans, wait no more, step into any Starbucks now and enjoy their new coffee plus bring home the latest collection of the merchandise. For more information, please visit the Starbucks Malaysia website at www.starbucks.com.my.