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Jom Gaya Hidup Sihat ~ Makan dan Exercise

Another chapter of my exercise diary .. hidup Misz-ella camni la .. kalau tak kerja, exercise. Kalau tak kat Event kat Gym. Tu je la tempat...

Morning Fun and Sun with Kiehl's

Hello readers. Remember this Entry?  The Entry where i mentioned that i wanted to join Kiehl's Fun in The Sun Event with the Beauty Bloggers? Good thing is i was selected for the Event. Yeayy!! So now lets read my journey with Kiehl's and The Beauty Blogger. It was Fun. So much fun Sunday morning under the hot sun, the greeny scenery, the mouth watering delicious food, the most wanted product by me and the Beauty Bloggers from The Butterfly Project.

The Event was held at the Secret Garden which is at Roof Top of 1Utama. Beautiful secret garden which i have never visited even i have been visiting 1Utama since many years ago.

Lepas ni, boleh la korang beramai-ramai bercanda di Taman yang cantik ni.

Registration at the Mr. Bone .. the Kiehl's mascot. Can you spot my signature? 

On the way to the Event's area .. Excited already because the way they set it makes me feels .. WOW!!

WOW .. again!!

Finally .. we arrived at the Product area. And another WOWW!! for me. The blue colours looks so fresh and cheerful and makes me want to discover more and more ..

And we finally we were at the last spot .. the highlight of the event ~ COOL DOWN & STAY FRESH with Kiehl's. The introduction by Kiehl's .. everyone was excited at this time.  This is a fun and easy program whereby we were casually free moved around while identify our skin type, tested the products, mingle around with friends, eating, talking, get to know Kiehl's more and built our own Cactus Terrarium. FUN!!

I tested my skin ~ Normal on the nose side and normal to oily skin on the forehead.

Hello readers .. we were at the Kiehl's Fun In The Sun Event on that Sunday morning .. enjoying the fun under the friendly sun.

The Butterflies enjoying the blue drink

The mouth watering delicious breakfast served .. I was wearing my Cotton Sun Dress with Red beach hat to protect my skin but good thing .. the venue chosed was just perfect for the event. We enjoyed Kiehl's Get together under the Green trees at the Secret Garden.

The photography session. 

Another fun was Building our own Cactus Terrarium. Chosed your own cactus, decorations and bring it home. WOW !! We love it.


Happy faces

Picture courtesy of The Butterfly Project Malaysia

We were having fun at the Event and went home with a bag of Full gift from Kiehl's and our Cactus Terrarium.  And because of we fall in love with Kiehl's .. we visited Kiehl's outlet downstairs at the New Wing. I aimed for one product here and gonna get it soon. Yeayy!! But .. without further delay, i tested the products once i arrived home. 

The cleanser .. part of the ingredients is Imperata Cylindrica Root and Lemon Fruit Extract.  This lightweight cleanser is non greasy, free smell and oil free which quickly removes excess oil and impurities leaving your skin smooth, clean and non oily after clean.

The toner .. This alcohol-free toner removes any remaining residue, dirt and oil without stripping skin with vital moisture. 

The moisturizer .. This special moisturizer has become my favorite. I applied a small amount of the moisturizer on my skin, spread it all over the face and it quickly absorb by the skin, leaving my skin feeling soft, gentle and moist.  It doesn't give any sticky feeling. You dont even feel applying moisturizer cos its absorbed perfectly deep inside your skin immediately after applying it.

After 14 days usage, i realised that my skin is no longer oily like before.  I do not have to rely on facial blotters papers *yeayyy*. Most importantly, its shine and moist the whole day. No more visible line or cracky skin feeling due to skin dryness which is cause by the hot weather. And i have now become the regular user of Kiehl's skin care range with the intention to top up a few more Kiehl's product. Yeayy!!


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