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Dashing goes ManCity with Ultimate Kick and Hattrick

Hello hai "Dari Jari-Jari Halusku" male readers *waving right hand*

Its Dashing !! The subject of this entry specially brought to you by Misz-ella.

Dashing, launched over 25 years ago, the first Malaysia's first ever male body-care brand and is the market leader amongst the young Malay men has recently launched its latest collection ~ Ultimate Kick and Hattrick.

Ultimate Kick and Hattrick ~ Products created under the partnership program of Dashing & Manchester City Football Club come with a complete collection of EDTs, Deodorants and Rolls Ons to provide truly world class fragrance experience to every Malaysian sports fan. Inspired by MCFC, packaging is premium and colours reflects home and away kits. Both fragrance are specially formulated to last longer and provide freshness throughout the day even to a very active man.

Ultimate Kick
Scent made for champions, bringing out the suave side in every facade of a modern man's daily life. It features a summer-like active fragrances featuring a concoction of lemon, enhanced with the freshness of cardamom, supported by vanilla and a musky base.

A winning strike for every Dashing man. Hattrick's enigmatic fragrance ignites one's drive to win. Hattrick exudes the unique combination with the freshness of apple citrusy infused with a combination of floral notes and a hint of amber

Dashing understands men's need to stay fresh and focused in their daily activities ~ Dashing-MCFC Deo Spray & Roll Onn provided 6-in-1 benefits. Long lasting fragrances, kills the toughest body odour and prevents staining on cloth. It has quick drying formula which prevent bacteria growth and brings unparalleled freshness throughout the day.

In conjunction with the launched, Dashing is also running a contest ~ 11 lucky winners will be given an opportunity to go on a 6D/5N fully paid trip to Manchester, UK. This trip include a 3 day training camp at the City Football Academy with coaches, a tickets to watch LIVE match between Manchester City & Manchester United on 19th March 2016. 

What you need to do to win, dear readers?
Simple ~ Just buy any Dashing or Elite products and send a simple SMS to enter the contest. Contest will ends on 31st December 2015. Yeahhh .. we still have a lot of time to make our way to watch the match!!

Misz-ella.blogspot.com's Dashing model ~ Tommy Thong. Thanks for this pose Tommy.

Photographs during the launching

The Dashing MCFC EDT 50ml retails at RM20.90 with 6% GST, Dashing Deodorant Spray at RM11.45 with 6% GST and Dashing MCFC Roll-On Deodorant at RM5.90 with 6% GST. 

So .. calling all active man outside there .. lets fragrance yourself with Dashing Ultimate Kick and Hattrick. You can kill the toughest body odour too without worrying of staining. Sila wangikan diri anda ~ Wangi-wangi, lawa-lawa ni perempuan suka lah .. Misz-ella pun suka lelaki wangi tau. Haha.

And do not miss the opportunity to win yourself a fully paid trip to Manchester, UK. You might be the lucky one!!

OK I'm done my sharing session with you so Bye-Bye readers. Thanks for reading. Byeeee.


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