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Volcano Coffee, Espresso Mojito and other Foods at FHM 2015

Hello hai readers ..

More photos and infos on the Food & Hotels Malaysia 2015 exhibition that i want to share with you.

Coffee lovers please visit Nescafe Milano booth and ask for Volcano Coffee ~ specially prepared by the Barista. Its a special coffee made of Coffee, milk, cili padi and orange. Take it hot or cold ~ urmmm .. you can feel the lava from the volcano spreading into your body once you drink it. I'm in love with it. I want more, Barista.

 Espresso Mojito ordered by my darling girlfriend, Carolyn. So refreshing.

Food & Hotels Malaysia 2015 is a good platform for us to try and experience foods from various countries. Drop by at any booth and try their food .. this is what we did. Makan sampai ketat! Hahaha. Anis and Carolyn with their pasta.

And they took the bun too. Everything is F.O.C. no charges ya.

Helloo .. we are at the Korea booth ~  Bimbimbap ni Misz-ella share dengan Anis. Sedap dan pedas.

Carolyn and Anis visited the Japanese booth and get their Sashimi. 

Japanese booth

One of the Malaysian booth that we visited

Korean booth and the Ginseng

The Turkish booth

Free ice cream and gelatos are available too. We had two (2) round from different-different booth, Ohh our tummy .. so happy and sexy. Overloaded with foodies .. here in FHM 2015.

The USA booth

The Foods & Hotels 2015 is currently running at Dewan 1, KLCC till 2nd October 2012. Sila datang beramai-ramai. Seronok dan tak rugi you alls. Macam-macam nak tengok .. macam-macam boleh rasa. So good!