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Jom Gaya Hidup Sihat ~ Makan dan Exercise

Another chapter of my exercise diary .. hidup Misz-ella camni la .. kalau tak kerja, exercise. Kalau tak kat Event kat Gym. Tu je la tempat...

Living with the nature at The Haven Lakeside Residence, Ipoh

Hello Hai Readers ..

Part 2 of The Haven Lakeside Residence Entry. There will be a lot of nice pictures, nice photographs that i wanna share here.

The dawn ~ Menjelang Subuh di The Haven. We woke up early to see the Sunrise. Unfortunately matahari tak keluar *Frust* But we enjoyed the fresh air and the morning mist.

We walked around to see, enjoy and appreciate the nature

We called ourselves The Haven's Angel or Charlie's Angel. Helolololo .. sweet la our morning faces. Back to nature haruslah ber natural face jugak, kan, Haha.

Stopped by at this spot to do some Yoga. Stretching, calming yourself with the fresh, clean air is just perfect. Nature-nature ni memang kena dengan jiwa Misz-ella lah. Saya sangat jatuh cinta! Loves overloaded!!

Cool, chill and relax ~ Exercise with the nature. When your mind are free and your body are relax .. the feel is 'heaven'. Sedap dan segar rasa badan selepas diregang-regangkan.

A pose with my Blogger Friend, Mierah. I Love you Mierah. Thanks for being a good friend of mine.

Continue walking exploring the flora and fauna here. This place is all about nature, nature and nature. A perfect place for de-stress and unwind for nature lovers like me.

Thanks to Fatin Quraisya for this beautiful shot

I found this spot suits me for Meditation too. Have you done any Meditation? If you have done, you would definitely agree with me cos meditation needs calmness and the coolest place to support your 200% free of mind to reach a place where you will never find in the real world. If you have done any meditation before, kita geng. Hi-5 *pap*

Morning dew at almost 9am ~ Tersangatlah suka rasa hati sebab 'nature' sangat terpelihara di sini *love*

Aliza Sara doing her balancing pose with nature. Dinosaurs replica are here too. The Haven is a prehistoric site dating over 280 million years ~ that was before the existence of dinosaurs. Thank You Kerajaan Negeri Perak for keeping the nature. 

Lunch, breakfast and dinner were served at the Cuisines

The buffet spread quite amazed me cos its not School or Public Holiday but the choice is really a lot

The Haven served Natural Ingredients food ~ tiada bahan pengawet atau penambah perisa. Living with nature is what The Haven practiced.. not only by keeping nature but also in the food preparation.

The Curry Laksa is ... Yummy!

The best Chicken Rice is from Ipoh

If you are in The Haven, do not forget to try the Chicken ~ Its fresh, juicy and sweet

Chicken Salad

Fish Salad ~ All food served using only Natural Ingredients.

The Mediterranean Food at The Haven

And Western. Sedap even tanpa MSG. Well, we can't be wrong with nature, right.

We spotted these three (3) boys playing with nature ~ Green leaves, friendly sunshine, cool limestone .. they really had fun! 

Aliza Sara having her good time enjoying and appreciating the nature
*Photo from Aliza's FB*

We went to the Gym too. The Gym has a very wide long window that allows the fresh air to come in, blowing your body while exercising. The Gym is facing the green and nature. Good for our mind and soul ya. I have been to so many Gym. Exercise with nature really gave me a different feel and experience *love*

The 5 levels Sea horse shape swimming pool cater for all level of swimmers ~ Adult and kids.

Swimming with Friends

Is so fun to swim in the clean, fresh air and friendly sunshineElla is so light until Wendy can carry me. Haha. Thanks The Haven ~ We had a wonderful time spending quality time together here.

The Swimming Pool is facing nature.  Swimming with the fresh, clean air and amazing view gives us totally a different experienced. Too much love for The Haven. 

We had our body massaged at the Pool Jacuzzi

Happy Gila

Its time to chill and relax after hours of swimming. Sampai KL badan ku sakit-sakit dan letih .. masa main tak beringat! Hehehe.

Nice View, right

KL is so hazey .. I really miss The Haven

The Haven is also a good place for your Wedding Destination

Garden Concept "I Do" Ceremony at The Haven ~ with the beautiful nature at this prehistoric site will be an unforgettable moment in your life

The Haven is also a suitable place for any Team Building activities. We wanted to try the Flying Fox during our visit but we didn't get the chance to do it.

Back to KL, i really miss the beautiful nature of The Haven. More information on The Haven, kindly log on to http://thehavenresorts.com/


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