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Another chapter of my exercise diary .. hidup Misz-ella camni la .. kalau tak kerja, exercise. Kalau tak kat Event kat Gym. Tu je la tempat...

The Haven Lakeside Residences, Ipoh

Hello everyone *waving right hand*

I was on a short breakaway from the city last weekend. It was a short and sweet vacation ~ I was invited for a stay at The Haven, Ipoh, Perak. Not much info that I knew about this place so I seek Mr. Google's help. 

The Haven  ~ An affordable 5 star lifestyle. The Haven Lakeside Residence in Ipoh, Malaysia is one of the finest eco-resorts ~ The Star. Excited !!

The Haven, located at Tambun ~ only 5 to 10 minutes driving from Ipoh Exit Toll. Once reached the Guard house, I was impressed with the welcome given by the Guard House Attendant. He recognized my name and gave me a warm welcome note. I felt The Haven's hospitality at the entrance already *happy* 

Lets know The Haven more ~ The Haven is a luxury condotel by the Best Western International family chain of hotel, the world's largest, under its 'Premier' or five-star status. 

This is the Haven ~ Set in the nature, amidst the flora and fauna of an old prehistoric site dating over 280 million years. Ideal place for de-stress or unwind and is a real haven for nature lovers.

The Haven is the only one of its kind in the world where you can live by the forest yet be in the city at the same time. Nature lovers should take the opportunity to relax amidst the natural beauty of Ipoh's famed limestone hills.

Checking In ~ B-18-9A is my home for 2D/1N at The Haven

More loves for this Condotel upon checking in ~ The view from my Condo is superb!! Can't wait for the night to arrive *excited*

Our Condotel balcony view

The Hall
All condotel comes with 3 bedrooms


Coffee or Tea?

The Master bedroom has the limestone jungle view too. I love the long wide window at the Master bedroom. Tidur malam saya tutup Aircond dan bukak tingkap. Sejuk, nyaman bertemankan bunyi alam yang indah di waktu malam. No mosquito ya. I enjoyed my sleeping with the nature ... I slept like the Sleeping Beauty *hehe*

Master bedroom has a TV too

Checking the bathroom and Selfie la, kan.

Master bedroom bathroom come with Bath tub and all other necessities

The 3rd bedroom has a Sofa Bed

We were happy with the 3 rooms Condotel provided and now time to explore the nature at The Haven. Lets chekidaut readers ..

The swimming pool overlooking the nature. Best lah!

The clean lake and the beautiful green .. the limestone (batu kapur) the fresh air .. Good for our eyes and lung ~ I felt in love more!

Morning dew ~ Embun pagi masih kelihatan walau sudah hampir jam 9 pagi menunjukkan betapa sejuk dan dinginnya tempat ini. Ahhhh .. jatuh cinta lagi

Green, fresh and clean

Travel Bloggers busy with Cameras. There are 3 blocks in The Haven ~ A, B and C. Most of the units are facing the lake view.

We took a morning walk. Some guests were seen jogging. Well, who wanna miss enjoying this fresh air, right?

Can you see how clean and clear the water is? Look at the images in the water.

Take a deep breath at one of the limestone. I do not want to miss the fresh oxygen here.

Beautiful natural landscape ~ Daun Pegaga Jepun pun ada

Sanggup aku memanjat batu untuk mendapat 'feel' batu itu. Hahaha.

Thanks Faten Quraisya for this shot. I is so kurus here. Hehehe.

By this time, they called me 'Queen of the Limestone' Hehehe.

Aliza is so excited with the limestone too. So comel her pose. *Photo from Aliza's FB*

Railway slippers are used for the staircase to the View Deck

Lorong-lorong hijau yang tenang lagi mendamaikan hati. Tenangnya jiwa bila berada di sini *Love*

The jogging/walking track ~ Clean, safe and green.

Night walk at The Haven

Readers, this is only Part 1 of The Haven Entry. Too many beautiful pics to share till I have to break the Entry into two. Wait for my next Entry, k. Bye.


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seronoknyaaaaa KC! yg mmg org IPOH pon x penah masuk sini.sobs~