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Jom Gaya Hidup Sihat ~ Makan dan Exercise

Another chapter of my exercise diary .. hidup Misz-ella camni la .. kalau tak kerja, exercise. Kalau tak kat Event kat Gym. Tu je la tempat...

Ribs, Seafood and Steak at Tony Roma's

Hello Hai Readers ..

Tony Roma's is back with new promo ~ Its Ribs, Seafood and Steak!!

Penggemar-penggemar Ribs, Seafood dan Steak .. inilah masanya untuk ke Tony Roma's. Promosi sedang berlangsung sekarang sehingga 18 Oktober 2015. Lets check this entry to find out more, readers. 

Beef Short Rib With Cranberry Demi-Glace
Soft tendering juicy Grilled Short Beef ribs with homemade Cranberry Demi-Glace served with loaded mash potatoes and fire-roasted vegetables. This is definitely my favorite. I do not mind to repeat!!

Salmon with Shrimp in Lemon Sauce
Seafood in a plate!! Grilled Salmon topped with shrimp sauteed in housemade lemon sauce. Served with choice of two sides. Squeeze the lemon juice for extra umphh!! The Salmon is soft and juicy, the shrimp are fresh and sweet. Yummsss !!

Filet Mignon with Fried Onion Rings & Demi Glace
Grilled to your liking, served with mashed potatoes and fried onion. Yummy!!

New at Tony Roma's ~ Romarita, Strawberry Romarita, Mango Romarita, Wild Berry Romarita

My heart goes to Romarita ~ Tony Roma's ultimate tart and sweet pairing of orange juice, fresh lime juice and lime sour mix, shaken with ice and served in a sugar-rimmed glass. I made a right choice by chosing this ~very fresh and thirst-quenching. I do not mind to repeat this too.

Readers, the Ribs, Seafood and Steak promotions is ON now till October 18th at Tony Roma's.  So apa lagi, cepat-cepat kita pergi sebelum terlambat. Byeee.