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Pasta, Burgers and Pizza at The Crazy Bites

Hai readers .. Misz-ella and friends went for 'Makan-makan' and this time around its The Crazy Bites. Wahhhh nama Restoran .. look like we are going to 'gigit kuat-kuat' cos its Crazy Bites!! Haha.

Lokasi The Crazy Bites adalah di A13, Jalan SS15/4D, Subang Jaya, Selangor. I just Waze it .. sampai right till the door step. Thanks Waze!

So LIVE and happening ~ That was my first impression about The Crazy Bites

Cute !!

I LOVE the quotes. Yeayy!!

By this time, I like fall in love with this place. Like...  Heyy we are going to have so much fun here .. at The Crazy Bites *happy*

Ok readers .. Now lets move on to the topic/subject of the Entry ~ Pasta, Burgers and Pizza. 

The Crazy Bites is a modern, fun, easy and place to chill concept Restaurant which caters food for any kind of ages. You can see its LIVELY environment once you step into the restaurant. The Restaurant serves three (3) main category of food which are ~Pasta, Burgers and Pizza plus finger light food too. So jom semua kita cuci mata tengok juadah-juadah di The Crazy Bites.

This is Crazy Seafood Pizza ~ RM14.80
A seafood pizza served with Salad and Sweet Potato and a Special sauce made of sesame. Yummy!!

Crazy Hawaiian Chicken ~ RM14.80
The most popular Pizza at The Crazy Bites. Its sweet, creamy and yummy

Crazy Mushroom Pizza ~ RM12.80
Oh Yess !! This is my favourite cos I am a fan of mushroom. Anything with mushroom is mine. This pan of pizza wins my heart cos its mushroom you alls ..

Johan's Nasi Lemak ~ RM13.80
OK yang ni Misz-ella kena buat pengakuan - The Nasi Lemak is so sedap. The rice is with pandan flavour, the sambal is well cooked, spicy, cukup asam garam gula semua. I dont mind to repeat ooo .. because it is delicious.

Honolulu Ox Bites (Beef) ~ RM16.80
The Beef burgers or its official name ~ Honolulu Ox Bites. Sedap gila, lembut gila daging burger dia. The veges, the cheese and the sauce completes the serving. Urmmmm .. i love the idea of having a sweet potato instead of French fries cos i love sweet potato.

Teriyaki Chicken Bites (Chicken) ~ RM16.80
Teriyaki lovers can try this. As expected, Teriyaki is sweet but the sauce and the cheese and the veges compliments the taste. Best!!

Goat Bites (Lamb) ~ RM16.80
Lamb Burger you alls .. peminat-peminat kambing jangan lupa try yang ini. Kambingnya sangat lembut dan gebu. Yums !!

Apple Mushroom Bites ~ RM13.80
Misz-ella's choice is Apple Mushroom Bites. It is a good idea to have a green apple and mushroom in a bite. Recommended for Vegetarian cos it has no patties at all and off course .. recommended also for mushroom lovers like me.

Flamed Grilled Chicken Pasta ~ RM12.80
I am not a fan of creamy pasta but this one is OK lah. Nice dan tak rasa muak bila kita makan banyak. 

Seafood Aglio Olio ~ RM15.80
This Seafood Aglio Olio is spicy and has a perfect taste. I do not mind to repeat.

Clam Vongole ~ RM12.80
For those who are looking for something different, you could try this Clam Vongole Pasta. It has a little bit of gravy which is sweet and delicious. The sweetness of the gravy comes from the fresh Clam. Sedap. Sedap dan sedap. Crazy sedap you alls.

The Crazy Bites also offer Finger food and this is Chicken Honey ~ RM14.80. Soft, juicy and cripsy. Light and easy going food that will definitely make your tummy happy. Sedap oo.

Who is the fan of Onion Ring? *Me .. right hand up. haha* Hello fan of Onion Ring .. you should try this Crispy Onion Rings cos this is so good and tasty. Its only RM5.80 so wallet friendly. Hehe.

Calamari Rings ~ RM13.80
Seafood lover do not forget to try this crispy juicy calamari rings or Malay call it Sotong Celup Tepung. Tak sedar berketul-ketul kita makan, Haha.

Jacket Potato ~ RM13.80
Nothing much to say other than this is Delicious!! Sedap.

Various drinks at The Crazy Bites. The drinks are so cooling and refreshing.

More photos on The Crazy Bites ID ~ Fun colours that will make you feel like jumping and happy. Hahaha. Cute oo ..

Smoking area are available too.

My favorite drink is Earl Grey Mojito ~ So refreshing and cooling

Haiii .. This is Kirikuru ~ The Crazy Bites mascot which is so cute!

All in all in .. we had a great time at The Crazy Bites. The food are good and the price are reasonable .. the environment is so FUN and LIVELY. Can't wait to come again with my family. Thanks The Crazy Bites for the invitation.

Good News for misz-ella's readers. The Crazy Bites are giving away the food voucher. Siapa nak? Siapa nak? Sila komen di Entry ini. Cepat-cepat sebelum terlambat, OK. Byeee.


E-chah said...

Terliur tgk menu semua especially nasi lemak pandan tue :-)

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum Ms Ella.. Saya nak voucher tu... hehee tq

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum Ms Ella.. Saya nak voucher tu.. tq sis..LUV

Anonymous said...

nak! nak! nak voucher! sedapnyaaaaaa misz ella.. -silentreader-

arwen said...

i wana try #thecrazybite

arwen said...

i wana try #thecrazybites

arwen said...

i wana try #thecrazybites

Unknown said...

Salam Miss Ela..sy silent reader akk.hihih nk jgk voucher tu :)

Unknown said...

Salam Ms Ella..sy silent reader akk hihih nk jgk voucher tu...tq :)

baixura said...

kakak ella, nak.. zura.thinkplus@gmail.com pwishhh..

Anonymous said...

i want crazy bites voucher eddyfirdaus_evo@yahoo.com.my

Unknown said...

Salam Ms Ella, Saya nak voucher tu pls pls, TQ :D

Unknown said...

Waa... Bestnya.... Ni yg tak boleh nak diet ni