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Shokubutsu Calls Malaysian Women To Self-Check During Shower

Hello Hai Lovely Readers .. Assalamualaikum buat yang Muslim *I got Non-muslim readers too*

Today sharing is very interesting ~ Its about how we should take care of our good health for our loved one.

I was at the Pink Colour Theme Event last week. Yes !! its a Breast Cancer Self Awareness Program by Shokubutsu and National Cancer Society Malaysia.

Shokubutsu the leading shower foam brand in Malaysia, partnering with National Cancer Society Malaysia has recently launched a Campaign called "Pledge-To-Self-Check During Shower" for early breast Cancer detection. This is to encourages all women to do self-check during shower for the sake of their loved ones. Shower time were chosen cause it is the most convenient and easiest time to do breast self-check.

Ms Jackie Low, Marketing Manager, Personal Care Products Department, Southern Lion Sdn Bhd saying that the very busy lifestyle of the women nowadays make them seldom priorities their own health. Kesibukan menguruskan hal-hal rumah tangga, kerjaya, membuatkan wanita-wanita seperti kita tak da masa. We busy think of others but not our ownself. Since we shower everyday, Shokubutsu realised that shower time would be an ideal time for a women to do a Breast-self-check to detect early detection of Cancer. 

Dear my lovely readers, as a Woman and as a Mother, we are the back bone and wings for our family. Our family relies a lot on us compare to our husband *encik-encik suami jangan marah .. haha*

We take care of ourselves, we take care of our children, we take care of our husband, we work and for me, i take care of my mom too. It is very important for us to stay healthy cos our presence and contribution to our family are unvaluable. Terlalu berharga tidak ternilai hatta dengan wang berjuta.

An early detection of breast cancer can save our life. So lets together join This program  ~ Pledge-To-Self-Check During Shower to encourage women to pledge and be committed to their health.

Dr. Saunthari Somasundram, National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM) President who is also a Medical Doctor shared with us More than 90% women diagnosed with breast cancer at the earliest stage stand a chance of surviving with the disease for at least 5 years. At least. Means they stand greater chance to survive longer too, right. This is the reason why NCSM stress upon the important of prevention through early detection. Its only 5 minutes of our time and the best time to do the breast check is during shower and its only Once a month.

The sharing session with the Breast Cancer survivors ~ Sengomany, Vallie and Stella. An inspiring stories on how a cancer patient can keep on moving and enjoy life like others. I was so touched from the beginning till the end. Thank you for sharing your journey and experienced with us.

Dr. Dalilah Kamaruddin demonstrated the right way of doing the Breast-Self-Check during the launching. It is advisable to have your breast-self-check a week after your period.

The Shokubutsu Pledge-To-Self-Check During Shower campaign will run from 1st October until 30 November 2015, targeting 250,000 women to pledge to do their breast self-check during shower every month.

Every bottle sold during the campaign period translate into 1 pledge. Shokubutsu will donate RM0.10 to NCSM. A nationwide roadshow, in-store promotions and social media activation in educating women the step-by-step guide to do breast self-check during shower will be organise to support this Campaign.

A special application has been designed on Shokubutsu Malaysia Facebook for women to upload and share their pledges with their friend and will receive a free 3D Mammogram with consultation voucher when they buy a Thin Prep (Pap Smear) at NCSM Cancer and Health Screening Clinic.

Misz-ella.blogspot.com support the Campaign. I pledge my readers to do so too.

The strong powerful woman who shared their information and stories with us during the Launching ~ Mrs Sengolmany, Dr. Dalilah, Ms Valli, Mrs Stella Voon and Dr. Saunthari Somasundram.

Misz-ella and Bowie, my Blogger friend at the Launching of Pledge-To-Self-Check During Shower Campaign Launched ~ A very sweet eye watching Pink Event. 

 Dear readers .. lets support this Campaign together ~ because we love ourselves and our family. Jadilah sihat dan kuat atas nama Cinta. Lets do Breast-self-check during shower. Your 5 minutes simple effort might safe your life and make your family happy. Mari kita jadi lebih sihat dan kuat demi mereka-mereka yang kita sayangi *sobs .. terharu*

For more information on the Campaign, kindly log on to https://www.facebook.com/ShokubutsuMalaysia


Ali Abrahm said...

Stopped using Shokubutsu couple of months ago for another brand. After reading this, my next shower cream will be of course, Shokubutsu again ;) Good read!

Misz-ella said...

@Ali Abrahm,

Tq so much. Appreciate your support!

Misz-ella said...

@Ali Abrahm,

Tq so much. Appreciate your support!