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Jom Gaya Hidup Sihat ~ Makan dan Exercise

Another chapter of my exercise diary .. hidup Misz-ella camni la .. kalau tak kerja, exercise. Kalau tak kat Event kat Gym. Tu je la tempat...

When You Tell Me That U Love Me

Hello Monday ..

Monday seems not a good day for me. I woke up feeling very sick. The whole body was so painful, from the head to the toe. Tapi hidup kena kuat, kan. Dalam keupayaan yang sangat terbatas, dalam kudrat yang sangat sedikit, Misz-ella gagahkan diri bawa Mama ke pasar, bawa Mama ke bank, even dalam kereta sesekali merintih sakit.

It make me realized how the love one help to make us stronger. If mom doesn't need my help, i wouldn't have push or challenge myself to be stronger. I would be lying the whole day on the bed with my sick body without fighting. Can you see .. how challenges in life make you a stronger and better person as long as you take things positively?

I had lunch with the kids ~ Puteri and Dinie. Then I had to take a medicine. Can't hold the pain anymore since it has been more than 24 hours. Heyy its school holiday and mom's house is filled with lots of fun. After lunch, both gave me a massage ~ sorang kat bahu sorang lagi tolong urut kepala. OhhMy .. these kids are so lovely. 

Then we sang a song together and We-Fie too. We had lots of fun!

Kenapa saya sayang Mama Ella saya? Sebab Mama Ella baik sangat. Sebab Mama Ella cantik sangat. Oh yeeahh? Big kiss for Dinie and Puteri. Mama Ella pun sayang korang berdua. Sayang sangat-sangat dan sangat.

When You Tell Me That U Love Me ~ The most interesting moment in life is when we live in love .. bila kita hidup dengan kasih sayang dan cinta. Kasih sayang itu tiada sempadan. I love my 'hip-hop' family. We are crazy but happy. We did a lot of crazy things when we are together. We sang, we dance, we talk, we jokes, we support each other .. we had a great fun!!

I am sick but happy. I am sick but still energetic? Why? Because of their love and support. Thanks for the great moment. Thanks for all the happenings in my life. Thanks for the pain, the laughter and tears. I am blessed with yesterday, today and tomorrow. Appreciate the presence especially your loved one cos you wouldn't now what will happen tomorrow. Stop judging people cos we are not in their shoes. Accept people with the open heart .. be good be kind as much as you can. Keep on giving only the best without thinking we are the best .. treat everyone equally .. accept points with open heart. OK I am moving to my Draft box to complete my next entry .. sudah dapat idea selepas bersembang-sembang di sini and Guess what ? I am still enjoying the massage by Puteri while typing this Entry. Thanks Puteri Sayang, Mama Ella love you forever and ever. Moga Sampai Syurga. Amin. OK got-to-go. Bye readers.


Unknown said...

seronok bila kita dikelilingi orang yang penuh rasa kasih dan sayang..

Unknown said...

Such a lovely n loving lady i hv eva met.... thanks to the embassy ppl.

Unknown said...

Such a lovely n loving lady i hv eva met. Thanks to the embassy ppl to hv gvn a chance for us to meet n dat long chat dear ♡♥

Unknown said...

Such a lovely n loving lady i hv eva met.... thanks to the embassy ppl.