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Sino Scene Restaurant, Swiss Garden Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

Hello readers,

As promised in my AbouKL entry here is my review about Sino Scene, Swiss Garden Hotel & Residence, Kuala Lumpur. Jom kita baca secara berjemaah ye.

Sino Scene, a Chinese Restaurant located at Level 6, Swiss Garden Hotel, Jalan Pudu, Kuala Lumpur. 

As you stepped in, you will be greet by a calming ambience - simple, minimalist and modern.

The Dinner which were held in conjunction with the #AboutKL program were also attended by the Domestic Promotional Division Director of Tourism Malaysia, Mr. Iskandar Mirza, Director of Tourism Malaysia KL, Mr. Mohd Akbal Setia, The Group General Manager for Swiss-Garden International, Mr. Izudin Merican and the key personnel of Tourism Malaysia and Swiss Garden Hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur.

We were served by 9 courses Chinese Dinner. Look at the Menu .. can't wait for our meal to arrive!

The appetizer was Aromatic Perking Duck ~ Served with sliced cucumber, spring onion, hoi sin sauce and pancake. DIY ok .. Do it yourself. Be a Chef and responsible of your own taste.

This is how we did it .. Placed everything on the pancake and top up with the sauce. I added more chilli sauce you know .. I love it when it is spicy.

Rolled it perfectly and ready to eat. The duck is soft and juicy the salad is crunchy. Yumss ..

Szechuan Bird's Nest with Crabmeat Soup
Nice .. so refreshing but its a bit spicy for me.

Steamed Chicken with Ginseng in Clay pot
Soft, juicy chicken steamed with Ginseng in a Clay pot. Rich in nutrition .. full of taste .. I love the aroma of the ginseng.

Crispy Sea Garouper Siamese Style
I called this 'Ikan 3 Rasa' Hehe. Crispy deep fried garouper served with spicy Thai cause *Siamese Style* .. tak sedar makan hingga ku gigit tulang ikan. Ohhh .. malu *cos I sat with the Director .. hehe*

Stir Fried Butter Prawn with Grated Coconut
This is always my favourite when it came to Prawn. Needless to say much .. It is seriously yummy!

Braised Vegetable Paecel and Seasonal Vegetable with Scallop Sauce
Fresh vegetables with a delicious scallop sauce. 

Wok Fried Rice with Smoked Oyster
I must say that this is the best Fried Rice I ever tasted. Fresh from the wok, filled with egg, veggie and smoked oyster, I love the aroma and the rice taste. Enjoyed every scoop *tummy is happy too*

Sino Scene Special Durian Pancake. Chilled Sea Coconut with Dates and Snow Fungus
The most special durian pancake i ever tasted .. crispy outside .. yummy inside. The durian filling is original .. 100% durian without add on any creme. I want to call this superlicious!! Hehe and the Chilled Sea Coconut with Dates and Snow Fungus are so soothing and refreshing .. a great way to end our Dinner that night.

Thank You Swiss Garden Hotel for the lovely Chinese Dinner. We had a great time!


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Great!!! Yummy.