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Jom Gaya Hidup Sihat ~ Makan dan Exercise

Another chapter of my exercise diary .. hidup Misz-ella camni la .. kalau tak kerja, exercise. Kalau tak kat Event kat Gym. Tu je la tempat...

The Running Diva Pinktober Edition was a blast!

Hello readers *wave right hand to you*

Finally The Running Diva Pinktober Edition which I have been waiting for the last two months arrived on the 23 October 2016.

The Running Diva Pinktober Edition which was held in conjunction with the Breast Cancer Awareness Month was a blast! 4,000 participants for all walks of life were seen running together for a good cause. So readers, read this entry till the end to find out more about The Running Diva Pinktober Edition. 

Me and friends were seen at the venue *Pullman Lakeside Hotel, Putrajaya* since 6:00am. I was not alone but was accompanied by 13 other fitness friends during the run. Thank you ladies for accepting my challenged to run for a good cause even you never run before! 

I was not feeling well actually. I had fever, flu and muscle ache a day earlier. I almost decided to gave up or to change my running category to 3km run instead of 10km which I signed up earlier .. but finally I decided  to stay strong at 10km. *Just do it Ella. You can do it. Believe in yourself. You can*

*Photo from ActionPix Malaysia's FB*
Heyy Lets put up a crown like a real Diva. Woahhh !! I love to see this group of ladies who ran with style.

*Photo from ActionPix Malaysia's FB*
More divas were seen at the venue

Waited excitedly for the Warming Up session to start

Queens of Selfie in Action ~ I guessed we had more then 50 pieces before the run started .. LOL!

The opening remarks by the Master of The Ceremony .. announcing the highlights of The Running Diva Pinktober Edition. Crowds were seen screaming excitedly.

*Photo from ActionPix Malaysia's FB*
The warming up ~ Body Combat Session by the Fitness Instructor from Celebrity Fitness

*Photo from ActionPix Malaysia's FB*
I love to see people putting the effort on taking care of their health through exercise.  Yeayy ... lets do it. Body Combat is definitely a good exercise to kick start our run and it was fun! Too bad we have a space limitation issue on that morning .. I can't punch and kick to the max!

The flagged off was at 7:10am *for 10km category* Runners were seen running happily. Heyy thats my friend Aizat in stylish pink!!

*Photo from ActionPix Malaysia's FB*
Some ran with their Tutu Skirt and we have kids on the run too. Cool, right.

I was happy when I spotted the Medical Team on a motobike *because I was not feeling well*

Stopped at KM3 for a drink and waited for my friends to arrive too

They arrived, had a drink, pose *compulsory .. haha* and continued the journey

I was fast and left them behind but I kept on calling to ensure that they are OK

While I was going fast, this four friends were seen enjoying their quality time together at the run.

The nice view of The Running Diva Pinktober Edition route

I was happy when I saw one of the most beautiful bridge in Putrajaya *like you have never seen a bridge before, Ella .. LOL*

And was happier when I reached the bridge. OhMyy .. this is the bridge that I saw just now .. so lets take selfie for a while. *the pale looking face showed that I was not feeling well*

At this spot we have to "Turun tangga" Oopsss .. messy hair *goshhh*

So lets do it. Lets go down.

Lovely, right

Continue walking/running

*Photo from ActionPix Malaysia's FB*
Wootss .. she ran with style

*Photo from ActionPix Malaysia's FB*
Aliah chosed to run alone

This two BFF, Nurul and Della chosed to run/walked together *love*

Many chosed to run/walked with the family. Holding hands together? OhOh .. this is so lovely, proven that running is not only the easiest way towards a healthier life but also one of the best way to spread the loves among us. Congrats to the parents who chosed running as a platform to spend quality time together.

Ohhh .. this is sweet! You must be very tired, baby. 

Either you are running alone, running with your BFF or with your loved one, most importantly we are running for the same mission ~ Running for a good cause .. to raise fund for the National Cancer Society in conjunction with the Breast Cancer Awareness Month which falls on the month of October.

We were greeted with a smile from the volunteers at the last water station.  Oopss its 100 Plus! Yeayy !!

1km to the finishing line. Yeayy ... 9km done! 

Another 500 metre to the finishing line

 And finally .. I reached the finishing line.

I am one of the 4,000 runners who returned home with this finishing medal. I cried once I touched the finishing line *tears of joy* reminisce the hardship that I had to went through to own this medal .. on how I pushed myself to try harder or not to give up without trying hard. On how I motivated myself to be stronger when I was at the weak point during the run. Running helped shape me to be a better person *sobs*

Save the Breast .. Keep the Bra Tshirt and the prettiest medal ever!

*Photo from ActionPix Malaysia's FB*
Mieza and Ain were seen celebrating their victory with a big smile.This is their first 10km run. Congrats ladies. I love both of you very much *muahhh*

The strong Azie wanted a pic at the Finishing line too

Group photo with my exercise friends who traveled all the way from Sungai Buloh for this run, leaving the comfort of our own bed as early as 4 am in the morning *Nasha, Irmawati and Ain left earlier and not in the pic*

And I was the happiest person cos even they are newbies in running, all of them made their way to the finishing line and went home with their dream medals, happily and look forward for more run. Its not about your timing, its about your spirit. Congrats .. strong women. I am proud with all of you.

Our crazy pose! LOL! 

Some of the crowd seen at the games area. Time for some entertainment and games after the run ...  Yeayy!! Its Happy hour time.

We dropped by at the Sweetcuts Asia booth to sample their protein drink

And we met the lovely Yasmin Hani Richardson who is the owner of the Sweetcuts Asia. Yasmin as usual ~ lovely, sweet and cute forever.

National Cancer Society Malaysia the beneficiary of the Run had their booth at the run's venue too.

And another few more last pose before we left the venue

Ooopss .. they insisted for a Victory Jump *i hate jumping actually .. LOL*

With Ariff Syarif and Aizat Yanan

All in .. all in .. we had a blast spending our quality time running together at The Running Diva Pinktober Edition. Everything was perfect ~ The weather was good, the route was comfortable and safe for 4,000 runners, the water station, medical team was there to give a helping hands, the Marshall and the volunteers are helpful whenever needed. I love the route ~ the large wide roads, the bridge, the staircase, the lake, a nice peaceful park and had to passed by the nice architecture building and my ears spotted the sounds of the lovely birds. Congrats Ariff Syafik *on my right* the Race Director of the run and his team. We look forward for your next The Running Diva event. Yeay!!