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Share Your Love @ Bandar Rimbayu IJM Land

Hello readers ..

I spent my last weekend with Love .. so much love till it made me appreciate my life more and more. One of the activity I did was spending my time with my friends at Share Your Love @ Bandar Rimbayu IJM Land on 5th November 2016.

Share Your Love at the ARC, Bandar Rimbayu was a 2 days event organized by IJM Land. My first visit to Bandar Rimbayu which is accessible via the various highway in the Klang Valley, I was impressed with the development of this new township. Big, wide road and off course .. Shah Alam is famous with its roundabout and this include Bandar Rimbayu too .. *Hehehe* Thank you so much to the Waze which made my way to Bandar Rimbayu smooth and easy.

Well .. as we can see from the title of the event ~ Share Your Love its not too difficult to anticipate that this is a wedding-related activities. Yes you are right but I witnessed more than that. Lets read more to find out, readers ..

I love the atmosphere at the ARC ... beautifully decorated with the greens and flowers. It gave us a wonderful warm feeling .. as if we were at a garden concept wedding *sweet*

Wedding planners, florists, music bands and a wedding shoe designer were on hands to provide a useful wedding-related services to couples who wish to tie a knot. 

A make up demonstration by Artistique, a beauty training center

Artistique booth 

Some of the nice wedding gown I spotted during the event and look .. she is so cute, right?

 Cute soft toys

Feminine .. sexy shoes

There was a Bridal runway showcasing the latest trend on the bridal fashion. Pretty .. lovely gorgeous gown .. made me want to bring home a piece of the gown too *oopss*

IJM Land’s ‘Share Your Love’ campaign wasn’t just all about making serious commitments, it was also an opportunity for families to come together to build on the sense of camaraderie and community. Many other family related activities were organised during the 2 days event. 

Some took the mini train ride

Kids enjoying the Merry-go-round. I was so happy to see them kept on waving their hands to me while some were shy. Kids are always cute and lovely, right!

My friend Rane were seen riding the Pirate Ship together with her daughter

The long queue at the horse riding section

Hello .. that's my friend Caroline trying her first horse ride. She looked confident, right .. *she was nervous actually .. hehe*

 What is your choice baby? You want butterfly? Love? OhMy .. this guy really made the kids happy with the balloons *love*

The food trucks were available too

I also took the opportunity to check out the latest opening of IJM Land’s Penduline Type C property show house.

It was well received by event attendees. Not only young couple, I saw others took the opportunity to register themselves at the counter and check the show units too. 

Penduline Type C homes are built on a land area of 20’x70’, with a total built up area of 2,028 square feet. The houses are priced from RM739,800, and there are only 155 units available for sale. These Type C homes are the final phase of the Penduline parcel, which will total 625 units in all. 

We had fun spending our quality time together at Share Your Love event. The event is not only helpful for those who plan to get married soon but was also an event that kept the families bonding together and Penduline C is definitely a good idea for those who are looking for a new home.

More information about Bandar Rimbayu and IJM Land Berhad, can be view at http://rimbayu.ijmland.com/ and do not forget to LIKE IJM Facebook so that you wont miss the latest update!