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Dress Up, Run & Dance at Symphony Life That '70s Run

Hello readers ..

Another fun run I brought to you. This time it is Symphony Life That 70's run, a Fun run wellness Carnival organised by Symphony Life Berhad.

The Symphony Life That '70s Run will be held at BizWalk, Taman Tasik Prima, Puchong this coming 15th January 2017, at 7:30A.M. 

It is a 5km retro-themed run (back to the '70s) and participants are encouraged to dress up in outfits from that era to take part in the run. Wooopsss !! Interesting, right!! 

As the saying goes "Health is Wealth", Symphony Life That '70s Run is a Fun Run Wellness Carnival that suits all level of participation. Parents are encouraged to bring their children and run together with their family. Friends can take the opportunity of this run to spend quality time together while learning about health and wellness via the health check up booth that will be set during the Run.

Apart from that, the run promise to be fun as there will be 2 dance checkpoints along the 5km route. Participants are required to follow a few simple '70s dance moves by the dance instructors to be entitled to the finisher medal. 

At the finish line, a mini fest will be held for the participants and public. Free health check counters and health related product booths will be setup along with children activity stations and a variety of food trucks too.

So readers, imagine 70!! That 'Afro' hair style, the big colourful styled sunglasses, bell-bottom trousers and hot pants!! Wootsss ... As a '70s baby, I am all excited to dress up, run and dance '70s during the Symphony Life That '70s Run!

The registration fee for the run is RM70.00, and registration closes on 15th December 2016. The fee is inclusive of event drifit t-shirt, finisher medal, lucky draw entitlement, freebies, light refreshment etc. There is also an early bird discount of RM10.00 for participants who register before 30th November 2016. 

Please visit https://www.runningevents.my/that70srun for registration and do not forget to LIKE the event official Facebook Page at www.fb.me/that70srun for the latest info regarding the event.