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Another chapter of my exercise diary .. hidup Misz-ella camni la .. kalau tak kerja, exercise. Kalau tak kat Event kat Gym. Tu je la tempat...

Meet Lee Kwang Soo in Running Man Challenge, 26th November 2016 !

Hello readers ..

This entry is about Running Man Challenge. Well .. sapa tak tau or tak pernah tengok program realiti Running Man? Running Man is the South Korean variety show which was first aired in the year 2010 and as at 2016, it is one of the longest-running variety programs in South Korean history. 

This game-variety show has received a very good response in our country. Ramai terhibur dengan pelbagai aksi dan gelagat pemain dalam menyempurnakan misi yang diberikan. 

As you know, 100 Plus Malaysia is currently organising Running Man Challenge Malaysia lead by 4 Malaysian celebrities ~ Ayda Jebat, Ajak Shiro, Hairul Azreen and Saharul Ridzwan. 

The finale of the challenge will be held this coming Saturday, 26th November 2016 at Paradigm Mall with a Special appearance by Lee Kwang Soo from Running Man Korea! 

Good news for Lee Kwang Soo and The Running Man Show fans ~ Misz-ella.blogspot.com will be giving away 4 passes to my blog reader which enable you to experience the first Running Man Challenge ~ Hydrated by 100 Plus and meet Lee Kwang Soo in person!

How to participate? Ahhh .. senang je tak susah. Sila follow langkah-langkah di bawah :-

Complete the Slogan "I need to be At Running Man Challenge - Hydrated by 100 Plus ...... (In less than 15 words)

And Email it to kakchik3773@gmail.com and Zuan@play4sports.com 

Please also share your detail ~ Name/My Kad No/Contact No and Email address so that we can notify you if you win.

*To complete the entry, winners are required to share the Event picture on your personal IG and link it to your Facebook with hashtags #100PLUSRUNNINGMAN16 #100PLUSSTAYTHIRSTY

This competition begin today, 22 November 2016 and will end on 24th November 2016 at 3:00pm

So you all, memandangkan Misz-ella hanya ada 4 pass sahaja, please email me and Zuan as fast as you can with the completed Slogan and lets pray for Win .. Win and Win. Sementara tu jom la kita berangan berjumpa dengan Lee Kwang Soo .. mana tau impian jadi kenyataan, kan. OK I got to go. Thank you baca and Good Luck! Bye readers.


Sally Samsaiman said...

dah join dahhh! tapi kak, yg mana satu gmbr yg nak kena share?????