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Another chapter of my exercise diary .. hidup Misz-ella camni la .. kalau tak kerja, exercise. Kalau tak kat Event kat Gym. Tu je la tempat...

Piloxing with Tuty @ Xclusive Fitnesz every Thursday, 9pm

Hello readers ..

Remember my entry about the new 'exercise jamming' studio? Well .. please click this Entry in case you have forgotten about it.

I recently returned to Xclusive Fitnesz for Piloxing class, under Piloxing Elite Instructor, Tuty Adza. I am one of the Piloxing fan after attended a Piloxing class few months ago. My hobby is watching Piloxing workout on YouTube and I used to bump to Tuty's video a few times. I realised that there are not many Piloxing Instructor in Malaysia yet. Piloxing terlalu baru di negara kita dan belum lagi digilai ramai seperti Zumba tetapi Misz-ella dah jatuh cinta pada seni yang dipamerkan melalui kaedah senamannya.

What is Piloxing?
Piloxing is a non-stop high-spirited interval workout that combine standing pilates, boxing and dance in a sleek, sexy and powerful way. This unique new fitness program was created by Viveca Jensen in year 2009 and has been accepted worldwide and became more popular in our country recently.

What I like about Piloxing is the graceful movement that changed my perception on boxing. Boxing in piloxing are presented in a powerful, strong, sleek yet feminine not vicious or wild which always scared my 'womanly' heart *Yes .. I have to admit that I am a very soft hearted lady. I hate watching the emotion that they show while hitting, punching ~ anger, furious .. its very cruel on my eyes .. LOL* 

I love Piloxing cause it combine toning in a fun way and what I love more is the simple dance step that made Piloxing a perfect choice for a soft-hearted lady like me.

Piloxing is presented in a sleek way. Tau tak apa maksud sleek? Sleek makna nya Anggun. Ye pergerakan di dalam Piloxing sangat anggun terutamanya untuk kaum perempuan.

Piloxing is full with sexy move .. Seorang wanita yang anggun harus punya ke 'seksian' nya yang tersendiri. Sexy bukan pada pakaian ye kawan-kawan tetapi wujud semulajadi di dalam diri seorang wanita itu sendiri and piloxing move is so sexy *Love* 

And in Piloxing that sleek, sexy lady is also a powerful lady. Can you see now why I love Piloxing? Kerana ciri-ciri Piloxing itu sangat disukai oleh Misz-ella sendiri ~ Anggun, sexy tetapi sangat kuat. Well .. not too much if I say I am that lady .. LOL!

Our second class with Piloxing Elite Instructor, Tuty on 17 November 2016 .. I am not master in Piloxing yet but I believe I will be better with her guidance.

During my first session, I went back with my 'jelly leg'. Sakit gila peha kerana 'muscle toning in standing Pilates which is part of the Piloxing' but as you know, more pain means the stronger result you will gain .. so 'Redhakan sahaja' and I returned to the Xclusive Fitnesz to explore Piloxing more. Met many new friends at the Studio and happy when Aliah and Jihadah *my fit sister from Sungai Buloh* joined me.

An hour of Piloxing with Tuty memang tak puas rasanya .. the dance step are fun and she made piloxing punch and pilates move easy for us. Her communication is great and the choices of song .. Hummm .. kita suka sangat, kan.

Well .. readers, I am done with my sharing session dengan you all semua. So jom lah kita sama-sama ber 'piloxing' dengan Elite Instructor Tuty di Xclusive Fitnesz setiap hari Khamis pada jam 9:00 malam.

Lokasi Xclusive Fitnesz sangat 'perfect' untuk warga Shah Alam dan kawasan sekitarnya ~ Terletak di Level 2, Quadrant A, Stadium Shah Alam, Selangor. Parking percuma, Gym dan studio sangat selesa. Nak tengok lebih banyak Video dan Gambar lagi sila follow Facebook  Xclusive Fitness di sini  atau hubungi no. tel 03-55139619. Jumpa korang kat sana Khamis ni, ye. Bye readers. Thank you baca.