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Lion and Dragon Roars Concorde Hotel Shah Alam

Hello lovely readers ..

I was at Concorde Hotel Shah Alam to witnessed them ushering the arrival of the Chinese New Year Crowing of the rooster with acrobatic Lion Dance performance by Pusat Tarian Singa Hok Seng.

Mr. Patrick Ng, General Manager of Concorde Hotel Shah Alam said that This year, we have Lions and 1 Dragon dance. I believe this will bring everyone more good fortune and good health for the New year.

Patrick Ng was joined by his team and hotel guests for this ceremony at the hotel's lobby by giving offerings to the lions.

The lions later did their rounds to bless the offices and F&B outlets within the hotel.

The grand finale has the dragon dancing on the pillars with stunning acrobatic acts to secure the "ang pow" that was given by the hotel management as a sign of appreciation.

The dragon and lions continued their performance as they danced with agility and vigor to the thunderous beat of drums and cymbals, which according to Chinese belief signifies good luck to all. The show ended with a 'WOW' effect shown on the guests faces.

Misz-ella with Patrick Ng, General Manager Concorde Hotel Shah Alam, Amelia, Director of Sales and Irene, Fitness Manager of Concorde Hotel Shah Alam.

Thank You Concorde Hotel Shah Alam for having me. The performance was amazing!! Wishing the Concorde Hotel Shah Alam the best of the world in this Chinese New Year!