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No More Dry SKin with Balneum Intensiv Skincare Products

Hello lovely readers,

In this entry, I am going to share with you about Balneum Intensiv, a dermatologically tested product which is free from perfume, preservatives and colours. Made by Almirall GmbH in Germany, Balnuem are safe and perfect for everyone.

My sister has dry skin from the young age.  Her skin became drier as she moved into the age of forty.  This could be due to hormonal changes, aging or the skincare set that used to be good were no longer able to cope with the drier condition of her skin.  The situation worsened during day time as she worked in air-conditioned space.  Air-conditioner was not ally to her skin.  The facial cleanser also contributed to the problem.  Her skin became drier each time after she washed her face until she had to immediately apply moisturiser to soothe her skin.

As much as the office air-cond was not kind to her skin, she hated too it if she had to go out for appointment or meeting during the day and was exposed to sunlight.  This was because she would immediately have pimples even though she was being outdoor for a short while.  A short walk to her stall for lunch would sometime invited pimples to her face.

Now, this situation does not exist any longer, thanks to BALNEUM Intensiv Cream and BALNEUM Intensiv Wash.  Balneum Intensiv Cream is an oil-in-water emulsion with a high lipid content, for the dermatological care of dry and very dry skin. The cream is an emollient with intensive moisturising characteristics.  The cream contains substances which occur naturally in healthy skin and help dry skin retain moisture: urea (5%), ceramides and physiological lipids. These substances regulate the oil and moisture balance in the skin thus regenerating the skin's own barrier function. The cream’s colour is white and it is fragrance free.

Balneum Intensiv Wash (200ml)

Balneum Intensiv Wash is a soap free synthetic detergent for gentle daily cleansing of dry and very dry skin.  It contains emollient lipids and protects the skin against moisture loss.  The wash contains substances which occur naturally in healthy skin and help dry skin to retain moisture: urea (5%), ceramides and physiological lipids. These substances in Balneum Intensiv Wash regulate the oil and moisture balance in the skin and naturally regenerate the skin's own barrier function.

Balneum Intensiv contains only ingredients selected using dermatological standards, and is therefore well tolerated by the skin. It is especially suited for people with sensitive skin and for skin which reacts to soap products.  It is fragrance and colour free and easily rinsed off with water.

The effect of Balneum Intensiv Wash was immediately felt upon first time using it.  She did not have the dryness effect after washing that she used to face with other cleanser. My sister was immediately impressed.  Not only that, she felt that the liquid wash was also gentle on her skin.  It left her skin moist and fresh after rinsing.  

The Balneum Intensiv Wash does not require a lot of water to rinse it off, contrary to some liquid cleansers that she had used before.  They were sticky and required a lot of rinsing off.  She prefer to use cold water to rinse off the wash as it feels refreshing than using warm water.

Balneum Cream (50mg)

The Balneum Intensiv Cream was a perfect complement for the Wash. 

My sister applied it on her face immediately after washing.  The effect was visible after one week of continuous applying of the Cream, day and night.  As a result, her skin became moist and soft.    Even when she missed applying it at night, her skin was still moist and soft the next morning when she woke up.  The Cream is not oily, hence it does not give extra moist to her skin.  It is just nice to keep her skin moist and gentle. 

My sister's skin after two weeks using Balneum Intensiv. I noticed her skin is moisture, soft and .. NO MORE FINE LINES on her cheek! She was happily telling me that her skin is healthier now as  I do not have anymore rashes or acne problem even after I was exposed outdoor! 

I am happy Balneum Intensiv helps her to overcome her dry skin problem. So reader, if you are suffering from dry skin problem, I suggest you give yourself a try! 

Balneum Intensiv are available at AA Pharmacy, BIG pharmacies, and other leading independent pharmacies. For more information about Balneum Intensiv products, you can also consult any doctors near to you.