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Jom Gaya Hidup Sihat ~ Makan dan Exercise

Another chapter of my exercise diary .. hidup Misz-ella camni la .. kalau tak kerja, exercise. Kalau tak kat Event kat Gym. Tu je la tempat...

Kipling Kaeon Spring 2016 Collection and The Jungle Book Movie Screening

Hello hai readers .. Ini adalah entry 2 dalam 1.
Sangat menarik dan best.

Its about the new Kipling Spring 2016 Collection. Kipling has released its Spring 2016 collection out from the crowd with vibrant KAEON bags! As part of Kipling’s Spring 2016 collection, its design and colours is guaranteed to add a spark to your wardrobe and Misz-ella.blogspot.com are among one of the lucky blogger invited to attend Kipling's Cocktail Reception to introduce the collection.

Made with the new Aires fabric, which incorporates 37% recycled PET polyester fibres and uses 90% less water during the dyeing process, all KAEON bags are durable, lightweight and also 100% water-repellent. Aires is made in a satin weave with a total fabric weight of 315gr/m2, giving it a richer hand-feel. The fabric is also super-easy to clean – just wipe with a damp cloth! Woahhh .. this is a good point for always busy and on-the-go woman like me .. super easy to clean lah!

Inspired by women around the world who want the Kipling casual confidence with a smarter approach, KAEON elevates your everyday style with bold features, high-quality hardware, Kipling functionality and vibrant details. The collection features four distinctive designs, created to complement the modern woman who has her hands full while juggling life: Ready Now, Lifesaver, Blocky Friend and On A Roll.

What makes KAEON so special?
ü  Innovative Aires material unique to Kipling
ü  Impossibly strong and water repellent
ü  Produced with smart technology
ü  Super easy to maintain

Hey readers .. its strong and water repellent. I love strong bag *cos I love to carry lots of stuff inside the bag and its super heavy* and water repellent is definitely an extra point on why I want this bag.

OK Readers .. lets 'cuci mata' with the Kipling Spring Collection 2016 then you will know why i felt in love with some of the collection.

Ready Now: This cross-body bag is filled with glamorous eye-catching appeal, complete with a butter-soft suede lining and rich leather details. The flap closure has a magnetic stud and a full-length zip underneath, which you can leave open for quick access or closed for security. Two diagonal front pockets and a rear zip pocket leave lots of space for knick-knacks and on-the-go essentials. OK .. this cross-body bag is super cute and elegant. Suits modern active youngsters who want to maintain elegant at the same time. So womanly! 

Lifesaver: Eye-catching, cool and practical all rolled into one, the Lifesaver lives up to its name. The tote bag is large enough to fit your A4 documents or laptop, yet luxurious enough to take you from the workplace to after-office social events. With a zipped front pocket on the outside and four more pockets within the main compartment, you’ll never have to rummage for your keys or phone anymore. Well, i really feel Lifesaver suits me. I love the eye-catching colours, Its so cool and the size is so practical *I love big bag, anyway* 

Lifesaver is definitely a suitable bag for a busy woman like me .. from the social event to a meeting. It is so multi-purpose and practical and Yeahh .. I love the vibrant dramatic colour. OhMyGod .. bucket list added *wishlist babe*

Blocky Friend: Stay sophisticated during quick commutes, lunch hours and even after-dinner drinks with this bold and beautiful zippered clutch. Contrasting blocks of colour draw all the right types of attention, no matter day or night. The perfect size to carry all your essentials with ease, Blocky Friend has one extra zippered pocket nestled within the main compartment, and comes with a detachable Kipling keyring.  OK .. this is nice too and it comes with other options of colour. Clutch lovers .. check it out, k.

On A Roll: For the modern girl with an exciting lifestyle, this medium-sized backpack is eye-catching, super-functional and bang on trend. A rolled leather top handle, adjustable straps and secure inner hook and loop fastening make for all-day comfort. This rucksack doesn’t scrimp on convenience; either – two fun diagonal front zip pockets, one rear zip pocket and two inner pockets in the main compartment provide ample space for your belongings. Ohhh .. this is cute! I dont mind to have one and and pair it with my casual wear. I will look younger, right.

*photo credit to Elana CL's FB*
The trolley bag is also part of Kipling Spring 2016 Collection

Yesss .. thats my Lifesaver. Tell me its pretty. It has a dramatic look and so trendy. Vibrant colours, perfect size and shape *I want it very badly*

Kipling believe a vibrant fashion accessory can brighten up your daily journey and even add positivity to your perspective -- whether you are heading for school, travelling or simply on the go. So make happy with Kipling KAEON today!

In conjunction with the released of Kipling Kaeon Spring 2016 collection, we were invited to The Jungle Book Special Movie Screening at TGV 1Utama. The movie which will be released officially to the public on April 15th is a must see with your whole family. Its about Mowgli's life in the jungle. Being loved by the animals who treated him as a family he faces challenged too. Oopsss .. i do not want to be the Spoiler. You guys please check it out, k .. worth watching .. you wont regret it.

Selfie with some of my favorite faces before the movie started
*photo credit to Elana CL's FB*

More selfies 
*pic credit to Firdaus Feeq*

So readers, The KAEON collection by Kipling is currently available at all Kipling boutiques and counters. For more information, visit Kipling Malaysia’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/KiplingMalaysia Lets check it out together and reward yourself with one or two *psttt .. Lifesaver .. haha* 

Remember to Make Happy with Kiplings guys!