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Create Your Own FairyTale at Habib Diamond Fest 2016

Hello Hai peminat-peminat berlian berkilauan. This Entry is for you.

The month of April has long been synonymous with diamonds and in celebration of April's birthstone, HABIB Diamond Fest 2016, the annual program by HABIB is back for 30 consecutive years and its currently running throughout the month of April at all HABIB's showroom nationwide.

This year, the HABIB Diamond Fest 2016 continues with the fairy tale theme that was well received last year. In line with HABIB promise which positions itself as the quintessential Gift of Happiness this year, customers are invited to "Create their own Fairy Tale" experiences through HABIB Diamond Fest promotions. Specifically, the opportunity to own exquisite diamond jewellery at an amazing value.

Managing Director of HABIB, Dato' Sri Meer Habib delivering his launching speech during the launched of HABIB Diamond Fest 2016

Dato' Sri Meer Habib officiating the HABIB Diamond Fest 2016

During the Diamond Fest Campaign from 1st April to 30th April 2016, HABIB showrooms across the country will showcase a comprehensive selection of its latest diamond jewellery collections with great value promotions to be enjoyed by all.

A wide selection of internationally certified diamonds will be available throughout the Diamond Fest Campaign, with certificates from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Also available will be Hearts on Fire, the World's Most Perfectly Cut Diamond, which are found exclusively at HABIB and through selected showrooms.

HABIB's latest collection of diamond jewellery has been especially designed for the modern woman, with jewellery sets in rose gold consisting of ring, earrings and pendant which are bound to impress the beholder.

So buat peminat-peminat berlian, do not forget to check HABIB Diamond Fest 2016 at all HABIB showroom nationwide throughout the month of April and Create Your Own Fairy Tale.

 I created my own fairy tale  with Legolas *oh my Legolas* of Lord of The Ring and Mad Hatter of Alice in The Wonderland at HABIB Diamond Fest 2016 . 

For more information on the promotion, please contact HABIB'S Marketing and Communication Department at 03-42527777 or log in to HABIB's website here.