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Another chapter of my exercise diary .. hidup Misz-ella camni la .. kalau tak kerja, exercise. Kalau tak kat Event kat Gym. Tu je la tempat...


Hello kind hearted people who are now reading this entry .. Hai *smile to you*

Another interesting awareness Campaign i brought to you here in my blog.

Its Laneige you alls ~ the leading Korean skincare brand established in 1994 in respond to customers needs for hydration care and the desire to achieve clear and transparent skin, like snow. Laneige means 'snow' in French.

Laneige believe in the power of water. Water, being the source of life, is the key to youthful and lively skin.  Laneige has more than 20 years study of water science.

As Laneige believe in water, they have been participated in the waterful sharing campaign many years ago with the 1st campaign started in Korea. The Campaign then started in Malaysia in the year 2014. So readers .. I am happy to share with you that Laneige Malaysia Waterful Sharing Campaign is back for the three (3) consecutive years and we can be part of this Campaign.

What is the campaign about? Ok readers .. Lets read on to find out more  .. 

Laneige Waterful Sharing Campaign is part of Laneige CSR programme. The purpose is to raise fund from the product sale to provide a clean water for the community. This year, Laneige Malaysia collaborates with Global Peace Foundation (GPF), an international non-profit organisation in offering water relief to 500 orang asli residents living in the remote areas of Kampung Binjai, Pahang and Kampung Ulu Geruntum, Perak and the good news is, we (the public) can be part of this lovely program by supporting this fund raising activity.

Well .. i find this interesting and I believe we want to be one of the contributor too but before that lets know more about the both villages which has been selected for this program.

Currently, both the villages do not have access to clean treated water and have been consuming untreated surface water from river or ponds for drinking, cooking and washing. Imagine .. the villages have to rely on the untreated water from river or ponds for life .. pollution, dirty, bacteria, hygiene while we enjoying a fresh Grade A filtered or the best mineralised water. Sad, huh?

And I strongly agreed with Ms Foong Winnie, the Brand Manger of Laneige Malaysia when she said that "It is heart-wrenching to know that there are still Malaysians in remote villages that do not have access to clean water. Laneige hope that this campaign would garner support from the public and together we can help provide clean drinking water to the Orang Asli families. Yes .. I am with you Laneige .. I want to support this campaign too!

Dr Teh Su Thye, Chief Executive Officer of GPF, in his speech shared with us that there have been numerous cases of skin problem reported which could possibly be due to consumption of contaminated water. "Daily water supply comes only from a pond or river nearby and sometimes villagers complain of dirty water especially during the monsoon season. While skin rashes are among the common symptoms being reported thus far, drinking contaminated water in the long run is more likely to cause serious health issues such as water-borne diseases, and in some cases death," said Teh. 

Ms Foong Winnie, the Brand GM of Laneige Malaysia, Ms Margaret Chin the General Manager of Amorepacific Malaysia, Y Bhg Tan Sri Datin Paduka Seri Hajah Zaleha Ismail, Chairman of Global Peace Foundation Malaysia and Dr. Teh Su Thye, CEO of Global Peace Foundation Malaysia

Through this campaign, Laneige targets to raise RM80,000 through the sale of its Water Bank Limited Edition Water Bottle, which is sold at only RM10 each with every purchase of any Laneige Water Bank products or RM40 without the purchase of the Water Bank products. All proceeds from the sale will be channelled towards the Laneige Waterful Sharing Campaign 2016 Fund to facilitate the installation of two water filtration systems; one for each village.

The water filtration system which will be installed is specially designed and developed by a local company called RIVIVA to offer ease of use while effectively generating up to 16,000 litres of pure clean water a day for the villagers. It is a non-electric system that includes a unique siphon backwash feature and contains microfiltration as well as ultrafiltration Pg 2 of 3 membranes effective in the removal of impurities without the use of chemicals. It’s a simple and reliable solution that can be easily maintained without skilled manpower.

The Waterful Sharing Campaign 2016 will be held over a duration of 3 months from 1st May to 31st July 2016. The public who would like to support this campaign can head to Laneige’s Beauty Road at the Centre Court of Mid Valley from the 2nd to 8th May 2016 or at any of Laneige’s beauty counters and boutiques nationwide to purchase the Water Bank Limited Edition Water Bottle.

So lets do it readers .. support this Campaign so that the water filtration system can be install in this two villages and the Orang Asli residents can get a clean water. Lets purchase this Water Bank Limited Edition Water Bottle at RM10  with every purchase of any Laneige Water Bank products or RM40 without the purchase of the Water Bank products. Show that you care. Caring is loving and I thank you in advance if you are with me and Laneige in this Campaign.  RM80,000 is a big amount of money but we can achieve it together. 'Yang Berat Sama Dipikul Yang Ringan Sama DiJinjing' remember? So .. Jom. Jom. Jom. Kita berbakti kepada Orang Asli dengan cara ini. Laneige is water and Orang Asli need a clean water. Lets Support! We can do it!

More information on Laneige Malaysia’s Waterful Sharing Campaign is available via its website www.laneigewaterfulcampaign.com.my or connect via http://www.facebook.com/laneigemalaysia