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Jom Gaya Hidup Sihat ~ Makan dan Exercise

Another chapter of my exercise diary .. hidup Misz-ella camni la .. kalau tak kerja, exercise. Kalau tak kat Event kat Gym. Tu je la tempat...

KPOPX and Zumba Dance Party 2016 presented by Work Out Studio Malaysia

Hello hai lovely readers ..

Another chapter of my exercise diary. You know that I am a Fitness Addict. I love exercise. Exercise is always the best way for me to de-stress and re-charge my tired body and mind. Aerodance, Hi-Latino, HIIT, Zumba, Mix Cardio and 'angkat besi' at the Gym is my love. I love to shake, shake and shake my body while listening to the music. Enjoyed to the max!

16th April 2016, Work Out Studio Malaysia brought KpopX & Zumba Fitness Party 2016 to Malaysia. When I was informed by my best friend Dee about this Event, I was .. WOW! I want to join it too but looking at my Calender at that time I was like ... a bit upset. Gotta send my son to his office in the morning, fetch Miera at Dang Wangi and off to Bangi for an Event then to Dorset Subang for Hi-Tea with my 'exercise Kakis' then only I will be free.

The shout at my FB wall a night before the Event .. I was so excited!

Kau ingat kau Superwoman? Tak penat? Off course penat berkejaran ke sana sini tapi kan .. bila bab exercise semangat aku memang kuat. I answered YES to Dee. I will be there and a night before, I got my bag ready .. baju untuk Hi-Tea lain baju exercise lain, kasut Hi-Tea lain kasut exercise lain. OhMy .. aku dah macam nak pergi Trip 2H/1M kau tapi tak kesahlah .. as long as I enjoy and happy. There you go .. You can do it Ella *show right bicep*

The opening performance was amazing! Kaki aku dah gatal nak menari but wait .. be calm Ella .. you will hit the dance floor, soon. 

And Yes .. I tagged Miera, Rawlins and Cindy along. I love to see people put their time and effort on exercise. That shows you love yourself very much. Yes! Bersenam untuk kesihatan dan kecergasan diri. Bukan untuk orang lain tapi untuk diri sendiri and I am so proud and happy when KPopX and Zumba Dance Party connect us together nun jauh di Jalan Kuchai Lama. Far from our home with one mission ~ Fun Dance and Exercise! Thanks to Work Out Studio Malaysia for organising this healthy lifestyle event. I LIKE! We LIKE! 

The event started with the KpopX Fitness Dance. OhMy it was a real blast! It was always my dream to learn KpopX Dance the real Korean way and here at the event ... my dream came true. The latest hit from Kpop Album, the fun easy steps, the beautiful choreograph dance movement and the professional back up dancer  .. our body was shaking and moving from one song to another. We don't feel wanna stop at all.

Yes !! Its Oppa Gangnam Style in the house. The song that me and friends used to dance together at our Studio. Same music same style but different step and moves. I was so happy shaking my body. I got the chance to learnt it in the real Korean way. The Psy Gentleman song was there too *double happiness* This KpopX Fitness party is so much Fun!

One of my favourite. At this time, I feel like I want to be on the stage with them. The choreograph is so cute! I still remember it till today.

Zumba is not new to me. Zumba is fun but please remember Zumba has a different kind of shake, has its own kind of shimmy .. and Attitude Please!! 

Take a break for Wefie. Haruslah bergambar sekeping dua buat kenangan hari tua kita. Tengok lah your grandma and grandpa masa muda .. bukan main menggedik ber zumba ber KpopX bagai .. camtu la al-kisahnya 10 tahun akan datang, kan. Well, thats my main reason of blogging, anyway .. nak buat tinggalan dan rujukan anak cucu ku nanti. Owhhh .. my grandma loves exercise .. we should do it too .. LOL!

Dance .. Dance .. Dance .. 120 minutes of non-stop dance!

A pic before we say goodbye to each other and made our way home

All in .. all in ... we had a blast during the KpopX and Zumba Dance Party 2016. Buckets of sweat, burnt tons of calories .. we went back fresh and happy. Exercise is always a great way to de-stress and re-charge my energy. Exercise keep me stay positive no matter what and how bad my condition is.

Congratulations Work Out Studio Malaysia for the successful event. The event was very smooth from the beginning till the last. I only have two words to describe this event ~ HEALTHILY FUN! We enjoyed every bits and now, I look forward for more Kpopx Fitness Class. Thank You to my best friend Dee Leonard for remembering me. Without you, I wont be here. Thank You Miera, Rawlins and Cindy for coming along. We had a great time together, right!

For more information, the event photos and the class update, visit Work Out Studio Facebook. Enjoy and have fun while exercise, guys. You will love it .. as much as I did. Bye.


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so best kan shake shake...

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Wow... awesome you....