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Taste The Flavors of Freshness with Tony Roma's ~ From 18th April to 5th June 2016

Hello Hai Foodies ..

This Entry is for you. Well .. I love Tony Roma's. When it come to ribs, Tony Roma's is always my choice.  Committed to delivering surprises to the rib lovers, Tony Roma's bringing another pleasurable experience with its "Taste of Flavor of Freshness" which boasts a mix of new menu items to satisfy any palate.

"Taste of Flavor of Freshness" menu is available from 18 April to 5 June 2016. This time, a more creative menu was innovated so foodies, food lovers, rib lovers and Tony Roma's fans, this entry is for you. Lets check it out ..

The Harvest Fruit & Chicken Salad
OhMyGod .. I love this plate of fruitful salad. All my favourite fruits such as Kiwi, Strawberries, Pears, Pineapple Salsa, Blackberries combined with Asian salad mix, walnuts and grilled chicken are available in one plate. Bleu cheese crumbles and three-berry vinaigrette sauce are added .. making this plate of salad a MUST TRY during the promotion. Ohhh saya makan banyak tak peduli orang sebelah dah! Hahaha.

Shrimp Tango
A perfect side dish or appetiser, the Shrimp Tango features juicy and tantalising shrimp covered with a Turkey ham and complement with Sriracha lime butter, strawberry and radish guacamole. Fuhhh .. i love the taste. Definitely a good start of a meal that will make your tummy extra happy.

Fire-Roasted Sirloin & Chicken Combo
A combination of sizeable 5oz. Sirloin steak, caramelized onions, 1/4 chicken served with a white BBQ sauce, chili potatoes and 1 side of your choice ~ Meat lovers should try this. Beef and chicken in a plate .. big savings for our pocket, great way to serve our tummy*ohhhh so happy*

Pepsi Cola BBQ Beef Ribs
Didn't i tell you earlier that the new Tony Roma's promotion is more creative? Its Pepsi Cola readers! I am not a fans of Pepsi Cola but Tony Roma's idea of combining it together with its own premium BBQ sauce is awesome! resulting in a unique taste of ribs which diners may deem familiar, yet different. This dish is generously served with coleslaw and chili potatoes and available in Roma Rack and Full Slab. OhMy .. to be honest, Tony Roma's ribs has never fail me. The quality is well taken care making me and family keep on ordering it on each visit and now .. looks like we have extra reason to visit Tony Roma's again ~ Pepsi Cola BBQ Beef Ribs! Yeayy !!

Pina Colada, Pina Strawberry Swirl and Pina Mango Swirl
Pair up your dine here with the refreshing fruity drinks you alls .. this three exlusive choices of non-alcoholic drinks for that aftertaste of fruity sweetness. OK lets guess which is my choice ?

Tadaaaaa ... definitely the Pina Strawberry Swirl. I am a fan of Strawberrry, remember and Perghhh .. the taste is so good! My choice is always the best *ohhh perasan sudah Misz-ella .. haha*

In conjunction with this promotion, Tony Roma's has a Contest to rewards the diners. Diners who purchase one Pepsi Cola BBQ Beef Ribs and one Pepsi drink are entitled to the Pepsi Contest to stand a chance to win a Holiday to a Destination of Your Choice *wow* worth RM3,500.00. The contest is currently running from 18th April until 5th June 2016. 

Each purchase of Pepsi Cola BBQ Beef Ribs - Roma Rack and a Pepsi drink, is entitled to one entry and customers who purchase Pepsi Cola BBQ Beef Ribs - Full Slab and a Pepsi drink will get two entry.

This contest are available at participating Tony Roma's outlet only. Multiple entries are accepted too.

"Taste of Flavor of Freshness" menu is available from 18 April to 5 June 2016 at participating Tony Roma's outlets only. So peminat-peminat Tony Roma's *like me* cepat-cepat jom kita ramai-ramai ke Tony Roma's order itu order ini *The Pepsi Cola BBQ Beef Ribs especially* lepas tu masuk Contest and lets pray for win, win and win *sambil berangan holiday at our dream destination .. its worth RM3,500 you alls .. makan sedap + peluang holiday pun ada. Ohhh heaven!

For more information about Tony Roma's, visit www.tonyromas.com.my or visit their Facebook page here