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Mary Kay melaCEP Plus+ Luminous System Skincare

Hello Hai Beautiful Readers ..

This is another entry about beauty. Seperti biasalah, Misz-ella kan suka share apa-sapa sahaja dengan korang. So this time my sharing is about the beauty products that I used recently.

If you are still remember, I did mention about my dissatisfaction about my skin recently. Bila usia menjangkau ke 43 ni, Misz-ella tiba-tiba mendapat masalah kulit yang tak pernah Misz-ella ada selama ini.

Since December, i was having a skin problem. Tona kulit tidak rata lepas tu setiap kali nak datang 'period', kulit keluar jerawat. Emmmm .. biasanya yang muda remaja berjerawat ni makcik macam i pulak tiba-tiba terbabit sama. Auwwww .. adakah hormon Misz-ella telah bertukar kepada muda remaja?

December 2015 during the Ex Mobile handphone launched ~ You see the skin underneath my lips .. agak gelap dan berbelak-belak, kan.

January 2016 ~ Can you spot my uneven skin tone? I was so sad when friends keep on commenting on my skin condition. OhMyy .. what had happen to my skin?

Few months with the uneven skin tone condition, an opportunity given by a friend to try Mary Kay melaCEP Luminous Skincare products was accepted with big hands *and with a big hope and pray that this product will help me* Full set of products was given .. 5 products all together .. I was like ???? Banyaknya! Hummm .. cuba je lah. Tak cuba kita tak tau, kan. Try it for at least 2 weeks friend ~ thats what my friend told me to do.

OK Lets Try .. but first of all What is Mary Kay melaCEP Plus+ Luminous System? Read on more to find out readers ..

Mary Kay created MelaCEP Plus+™ Luminous System, a complete regimen to address a whole new level of luminosity benefits including translucency, brightness, purity, even-looking tone, and hydration. Formulated with edelweiss extract, algae extract, and vegetable amino acids, this proprietary blend of ingredients targets melanin, which may help reduce the appearance of dark spots.

Designed and tested on Asian skin, the MelaCEP Plus+™ Luminous System presents five products – Ultimate Serum, Foaming Cleanser, Freshener, Mask and Ultimate Cream – all providing immediate hydration and brightening benefits that retain over time. The products are suitable for dry, normal, combination or oily skin types and have been found to be gentle and non-irritating.

Brightening products are commonly perceived to be drying to the skin but the Mary Kay MelaCEP Plus+ Luminous System has been specifically developed in a different way.

MelaCEP Plus+™ Luminous Complex contains :~ (Signature component present in all products):

Edelweiss extract: has been shown to target melanin, helping diminish discoloration on the skin.

Algae extract: targets melanin and helps reduce the appearance of discoloration on the skin’s surface.

Vegetable amino acids: shown to significantly improve the brightness of skin*, improve the overall evenness of skin tone* and reduce the visible contrast of dark spots on the skin* so they’re less noticeable.

Additional Key Ingredients:
The latest MelaCEP Plus+™ products (Foaming Cleanser, Freshener, Ultimate Cream, and Mask) also contain:

Shiitake mushroom extract: Certain mushrooms, like shiitake, contain a specific enzyme known for their purification properties. 

Hurmmm .. edelweiss and shiitake mushroom extract. I am a fans of this two ingredients so i find this product range is quite interesting so i gave myself a try and here I am, sharing my review on the products in this entry.

melaCEP Plus+ Foaming Cleanser ~ 100ml @RM129

White in colour and it has a very milky fine texture. Yes its a bit milky. I feel like washing my face with a milk cleanser. Just squeeze a small amount of the cleanser ... I used it twice a day.

Apply to the whole face and neck. Ummm .. it has a nice scent and sangat senang berbuih *love*

Rinse thoroughly with warm or normal water or you can use a facial sponge like me too. Cuci bersih untuk menanggalkan semua kotoran pada kulit muka. 

Kulit rasa bersih dan segar. No irritation or tightness feeling. I love it! 

melaCEP Plus+™ Freshener, 100ml @ RM129

Using a cotton pad, tap the freshener or toner all over the face and neck . This freshener help to wipe away the additional dirt that might still be on your skin even after you washed it. It also helps to refresh our skin. Clear in colour, no scent and very light weight. 

melaCEP Plus+™ Ultimate Serum, 30ml @ RM350

Off white in colour, this Ultimate Serum looks sticky on my hand. It absorbed fast into my skin without leaving me any sticky feeling *love it* I used it twice a day, early morning and night.  The bottle comes with a pump, 2 pumps is enough for my face and neck. 

The Ultimate Serum helps to reduce the black spot or pigmentation too. You can apply it more at the targeted area but due to my uneven skin tone condition, i applied it to the whole face.

MelaCEP Plus+™ Ultimate Cream, 30ml @ RM180

When I felt the Serum is sticky, I found the Ultimate Cream (moisturizer) texture is softer and creamier.  It quickly absorbs into my skin. I used it twice daily. I love this Ultimate Cream. It  provides 24 hour moistures to my skin. Waking up with a fresh natural glowing skin in the morning is something that I look forward to nowadays *Yeayy*

melaCEP Plus+™ Mask, 85ml @ RM169

OK I must admit that I love this melaCEP Plus+™ Mask very much! It gives my skin an immediate brightening and luminous effect. Apply it to the whole skin, avoid the eyes and lips area and leave it for 10-15 minutes. Rest and enjoy the moment as it wont give you any tingling sensation. After 10-15 minutes *I suggest you go for 15 minutes for better result*, wipe it with a facial sponge or wash it with a tap water. Please do not wait for the mask to dry on your skin cos the mask wont dry up on your skin like other mask did. Once I wiped it off, Phewwww .... I love the immediate glowing, brightening luminous effect that it gave to my skin.

More than two (2) weeks after using the full range of Mary Kay melaCEP Plus+ Luminous System Skin Care Products, I am so happy with my new skin condition. It has improved a lot. No more uneven skin tone. It is also brighter and has a natural glow. I received a very good comments and feedback from friends *so happy* Thank You friend for recommending. Mary Kay melaCEP Plus+ Luminous System Skin Care Products has save my skin problems which has been with me for a few months *till December 2015*

My skin is naturally bright and healthy with Mary Kay melaCEP Plus+ Luminous System Skin Care products.

Mary Kay melaCEP Plus+™ Luminous System is now available exclusively through your Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant from April 2016.

For more information and photos on the Mary Kay melaCEP Plus+™ Luminous System, and the Consultant location, please call 03-7711 7500, visit Mary Kay Website and Mary Kay Facebook Page. So readers, if you have an even skin tone condition or non-glowing and unhealthy skin problem, I suggest you try this product and for a healthier skin. Well, I am going to visit the Website too, gonna purchase more lah .. it suits me and I am happy. OK Bye readers. I'm done with my sharing session with you. Thank You for reading. Bye.


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Unknown said...

I used melacep serum.. Seriusly im love it.. My skin getting better, it cure my acne scar, more glowing and i notice my skin become healthy! If any inquiry, can whatapp me at 0136650932 -raidah mary kay beauty consultant-

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