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Weekend at The Jungle and The Mountain

Hello lovely readers ..

Being offline for a few days. I spent my weekend in the jungle and on the top of the mountain, a perfect way for my weekend breakaway.

I love the cold, fresh river water that flows naturally .. bunyi deruan air sangat menenangkan hati. Leka dibuai bunyi alam .. tidak sekelumit rasa kesunyian di sini. Yang ada hanya indah dan ketenangan yang tidak tergambar dengan kata-kata *jatuh cinta*

I always love nature. Anything, everything related to nature inspired me. The big and the small rocks, the leaves, the flowing river water, the natural sound of the forest .. those are the living cells that touched my soul.

Spending quality time together with the lovely ladies ..

Thank You Puan Sri Shariffa Sabrina for your kind hospitality. Thank You for having me here at your heart warming forest. My heart melt .. melt and melt. Detail about this beautiful heaven in the forest will be on my blog, soon.

I found this beautiful bridge in the jungle. I always love bridge. I always happy when I am on the bridge. Bridge play a very important role in our life. It connects two destination. Build a bridge in your life and create a new friendship or relationship. Somehow .. I do feel a bit sad and frustrated .. when I found those who built a bridge but do not care or bother to maintain it. The bridge collapsed .. so as the relationship. Sad. So sad. What i learnt is .. Taking care of the bridge is the biggest challenges in life. Many success but majority fail. Take care of your bridge, readers. Don't be a failure and regret it later.

I went to the top of the mountain too over the weekend.

Climbing up 4287 steps .. the Malaysia's longest stairs. It was a challenging but fun. I enjoyed every moment spent in this mountain even I didn't complete the task due to lack of time *yeahh .. I was slow*

So there how I spent my weekend ~ in the jungle and on top of the mountain. Detail entry about my experienced will be on my blog, soon. I can't wait to share it with you, readers. Keep my blog near to your heart as both stories are very interesting. Jangan lupa datang lagi. OK Bye. Misz-ella nak tidur sebab sekarang sudah pukul 2.30 pagi. Ohhhh .. spesis Batman lagi I kali ini. OK Bye.