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Jom Gaya Hidup Sihat ~ Makan dan Exercise

Another chapter of my exercise diary .. hidup Misz-ella camni la .. kalau tak kerja, exercise. Kalau tak kat Event kat Gym. Tu je la tempat...

We Are Not Stupid. Terapi Cantik Paling Mudah.

Believe me we are not stupid.
We know when people treated us wrong.
We are given a strong powerful mind that enable us to think right.

But sometimes we let it flows.
Not because we are stupid but because we are strengthening ourselves.

Till the right time, we walk away with pride. The End. Good Bye.
We are not stupid. But we wait for the right time.

Good morning Friday. Salam Jumaat yang barakah. This is a beautiful entry readers. Beautiful mind. Beautiful soul. I always love kind hearted people who has a beautiful heart and soul. Humanity and love touched my heart more. And the most easiest way to get beautiful heart is by taking care of your soul.

Do not forget to take care of your external beauty too. Pull off your mask ... show them your beauty and do it confidently. Yes. The mysterious woman behind the mask will reveal her identity .. only when she is done with it *Entry on this luminous mask will be on the blog, soon*

Take good care of your skin readers. Wash, freshen and moisture our skin everyday. Scrub your face once weekly and mask it twice a week. Be more discipline. Say NO to lazy. Women are born naturally pretty. Love it. Appreciate it. Take care of it. We love ourselves, right.

Sesekali, berjalan lah di bumi Allah yang luas dan indah ini. I love nature. Anything related to nature attract me. Misz-ella paling suka pergi ke tempat-tempat yang ada roh dan jiwa. Menusuk ke sudut paling dalam hati kecil ini. Dal Lake Kashmir 2014 .. i will definitely visit this place again one day. Hati sudah melekat di sana * ohhh .. rindu *

Terapi paling indah bersama kesayangan. Spending quality time together .. my son, niece and nephews has grown. Time flies .. mommy getting old. Saya suka melihat wanita kekal sihat, cantik dan bertenaga meski menganjak usia nya. Kita tak boleh mengelakkan penuaan .. itu janji Tuhan. Tapi kita ada pilihan ~ mahu berusaha kekal cantik, sihat dan bergaya di kala tua? Or mahu biarkan diri layu dimamah usia tanpa usaha? Be more 'rajin' ladies. Love yourselves more. Do the best for yourself. We are always beautiful regardless our age are as long as we take care of it. Menjaga anugerah Allah itu adalah tanggungjawab kita. So jaga diri ye.

Sesekali, spend la masa untuk kawan-kawan bertaraf kesayangan. Eat, talk, joke, laugh .. laughing is the best therapy. With my bestfriend Dee leonard the PR Director of Bridges PR. Kalau jumpa dia sure happening. 

Nak tau tips untuk mengetahui samada seseorang itu memiliki aura positif or negatif? Spend time with them. What do you feel after leaving them? Tired? Body pain? Weak? Headache? OK this shown that person has a negative aura and has just transferred it to you.

If you feel happy, light, fresh and energetic .. go to him/her more. That person is awesome! He or she has shared their positive aura with you without you realising it. 

Easy, right. Same goes with what we did in life. If your work give you nothing other than stress, tiredness .. its worth to give up and say GoodBye but if your work give you tiredness but come with happiness and satisfaction, its worth to stay. Keep on moving in life with those simple tips, guys. Life easy. Dont complicate it.

On the other note, I missed my dance class. The new operation hours of the gym and studio by the new management has affected my healthy lifestyle. Misz-ella rindu nak angkat besi. Misz-ella rindu nak dance. Exercise is one of the best therapy. Trust me. 

Coming soon in my blog, new place, new studio, new environment. Cant wait to experience and share about it with my blog reader. Keep my blog near to your heart, k .. i will bring you more energize positive stories. Soon. Very soon.

So jangan lupa selalu-selalu lah click on 'Dari Jari-Jari Halusku'.  Ok Bye. Misz-ella nak pergi buat benda lain. See you on the next entry. Awak datang baca, saya sangat suka *muahhhh*