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5k Water Run @ Songkrun at Sepang International Circuit

Hello hai readers ..

I was at the Songkrun recently. Songkrun is a 5k Water Run with its theme ~ Run. Play. Splash. Get Wet was held at Sepang F1 International Circuit. I went to the Run with my friend Miera and her daughter Anne.

Daikin and Biotherm was the main sponsor for the event

I met my blogger fren Faten at the Run

Spotted the Biotherm Water Man. Pic! Pic! Hahaha.

More of my favourite faces were seen at the Run.Yeayy!

Its a water run. Definitely we need a lot of water for this run. We are going to run and play with the splash water as well. WaWaWa .. with KL temperature which is so hot now, I found this run is interesting. Abang Bomba was there to help adding the fun. 40,000 litres of water was made available by them.

Makan dulu sebelum berlari

We warmed up the run using the water from the Bomba truck. Haha. Excited ooo nak lari sambil main tembak-tembak air.

The water gun ready!

Yeahhh .. get ready to get shot by me and get wet. Wahhh .. semangat!

Waiting for the flag off time. The flag off time was at 10:30am. For me it was quite late as the sun is already smiled happily. They should have started the race early morning lah .. let say around 7:30am like other run organiser did. 

Running under the umbrella. Cool, right. I love this pic. Thanks to the professional photographer who took this pic for us. Cantik. Sharp shot!

Basah kuyup. Drenched! Mana tak kuyup, every 1km ada water hose cooling us and the best was the Ice Bucket challenged that we took part .. disiram dengan sebaldi air berais. WaWaWa .. best gila sampai kuyup kita berdua. 

Approaching the finishing line. I rasa myself and Fatin jalan lebih tak 'run' sangat pun. Jalan, borak dan gelak. Thats what we did. OK .. bila lagi nak enjoy saat-saat berdua macam ni, kan.

Congratulations for finishing the run. Panas berdahang korang .. we get burnt!

Yeahhhh ... thats our medal. 1 for the album please .. buat kenangan hari tua kita bertiga

Ok this is super cute! Medal si itik tergolek-golek. Haha.

Lepas lari kita makan. Food trucks, water trucks are available at the run but the price is seriously pricey.

RM8.00 untuk Spagethi seperti ini .. nasib baik sedap

RM6.00 for a Coca Cola. So mahal lah! Mineral water was provided for the runners but ohhh .. I need sugar for energy

You know you love your friends when we can share our food together. Say Hello to Miera you alls ..

All in .. all in .. we enjoyed the run but I seriously think the organiser need to improve more for the next run *if they wish to continue again next year* First .. lack of signages, deco, information about the run at the 5km track. The 5km track was so plain. I wish it is more informative and interactive like how Electric Run, White Ribbon Run and Save Our Rainforest Race did.  Secondly, the flag off time which was at 10:30 am are too late as participants has been gathered at the venue since 8:00am and with our temperature now, 10:30am heat was like 12:30pm lah. Panas sangat. It is not advisable to run at this temperature.

OK dah. Tu je nak cerita. I have 2 more run to complete before the arrival of the Fasting month ~ The Magical Forest Run and the Nivea Run. Nanti kita update sebanyak mungkin ye. Bye.