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CompAsia - The trusted supplier of professionally refurbished Gadget expanded it's operation to the International Market

Hello readers.

Today lets talk about technology. Now who do not own a gadget such as hand phone, computer, laptops, tablets ...

Well .. I guess everyone owns a gadget especially a hand phone and some of us might own more than one phone *like me*.

In this modern life, a hand phone and a gadget has become a necessity to everyone. It is a need and a must have item. Well .. Never leave the house without hand phone *that is me .. hehe* but due to the current economic situation, it is quite costly to own a new 'branded' gadget . Many chosed to own a used gadget but finding a second gadget could be a very difficult task too. OK this entry is about a company known as ComputerAsia Sdn Bhd. 

Lets read more to find out who they are, readers ..

ComputerAsia Sdn. Bhd. (brandname CompAsia), a leading IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) company which was set in 2012 with its operation office in Petaling Jaya is a company who took charge in giving a new life to a used electronic devices. 

With its motto "WHERE LIFE NEVER ENDS" CompAsia helps in keeping the world green by Implementing the 'R' Concept in their mode of business operation.

CompAsia RECYCLE, RENEW, REFURBISH, RESTORE AND RESURRECT. Gadgets never die with CompAsia as they acquire and refurbish used electronic devices so that consumers can enjoy a born again gadget for up to 80% less than it's original manufacturer's price.

Mr. Koh Mun Kay, the Vice President/Country Head of CompAsia Phillipines, Mr. Julis Lim, the Chief Executive Officer of CompAsia and Mr. Stephen Yu the Managing Director of Versatech International.

After 4 years operated in Malaysia, CompAsia has expanded to Singapore and with the recent opening of the newly-built ITAD facility in Manila, Philippines, CompAsia embarked another journey to become one of the Asia's leading and trusted suppliers of professionally-refurbished IT and telecommunications equipment.

Mr. Julius Lim, the Chief Executive Officer of CompAsia during the Press Conference said ~ "Our Philippines" move helped consolidate our regional strategy which is to expand into the international markets to become a leading ITAD provider in Asia.

The new ITAD facility in the Philippines is custom-built like our Malaysian facility to undertake comprehensive ITAD services such as a secure data removal in compliance with global standards for data cleansing and environmental regulations. CompAsia also undertake diagnostic and quality assurance tests to ensure that the refurbished consumer devices and PCs are thoroughly evaluated and restored under similar stringent quality standards to make them fully functional and ready to be sold at a much more affordable price compared to a new one of similar make. Reconditioned to an almost new appearance, our professionally refurbished machines and devices also come with warranties ranging from 1-3 years. Our aim is to push up the standards of the ITAD services and the refurbishing industry sector in the Philippines too, Lim emphasized.

The Company also announced it collaborative effort with Versatech International Phl, a renowned IT distribution company in the Philippines to help consolidate its ITAD market there and to expand CompAsia's strategy to be a leading ITAD provider in the Philippines.

Well with CompAsia commitments to deliver only the best and their business expansion in Asia, I believed that we shouldn't have any doubts on the quality of the gadgets refurbished by CompAsia. So readers .. jom cuci mata tengok produk-produk yang telah dihasilkan oleh CompAsia.

More information about CompAsia and it's products can be view at https://www.comp-asia.com/ and stay tune with my Blog as I will be updating you more info about their products too. Thank You for reading, readers. Bye.


Aiman said...

Hi. Tq for the entry. I currently searching for trusted manufacturers that can supply gadgets in low price. Im boycotting Alibaba cuz there are lots of scammers. Haha. I managed to disclose many scammers thru whatsapp interaction. Already had enough with alibaba. *sigh*

Anyway thanks a lot for introducing me with CompAsia.