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Renaissance Kuala Lumpur newly renovated West Wing rooms were unveiled during The 5th Global Day of Discovery

Hello readers ..

I was one of the invited guests for Renaissance Hotels Day of Discovery on 16th June 2016.

Renaissance Hotel Global Day of Discovery took place simultaneously at nearly 170 Renaissance Hotels around the world and 16th June 2016 were chosen as the Day of celebration. So readers .. Lets check it out!

Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel celebrated its 5th Global Day of Discovery with an Evening Cocktail Reception at the R Studio attended by Renaissance's Kuala Lumpur corporate clients, members of the media and bloggers. The Malaysia's very own 'Charlie Chaplin' was there adding fun and colours to the unforgettable evening.

There was a performance by the award-winning Mixologist, David Han. It was a great fun watching him playing with the bottles *and nervous too* and the highlight of his show was pouring the drinks to various glasses using the above method .. a very challenging task ..not easy, right 

The varieties of delicious food served during the Cocktail Reception specially prepared by the award-winning National Global Master Chef Executive Chef Helmut Lamberger and his culinary team. Yummy !

The friendly General Manager of Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel, Mr. Robert Frager with the Charlie Chaplin. They had a fun time!

The Sales & PR Team do not want to miss the opportunity to pose with Charlie too! 

Those action that win the guests heart. Charlie is fun!

Lets do the twist ~ Mei Lan, the Director of Sales of Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel with Charlie

Some of Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel distinguished guests 

Other than that, we were entertained by a Band performing all the latest hit songs that blew our heart away. 

We were then ushered to the 7th floor to view the newly renovated rooms located at the 7th floor.

Our arrival were greeted by the Saxophonist Goh Boon Aik who blew our heart away with all the latest favourite song ~ Photograph, I'm Not The Only One and many more. So sweet and romantic! 

The all-new newly renovated West Wing rooms of Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel

I love the fresh contemporary design concept that each room has ~ sophisticated, tasteful and sleek ~ reflecting the key personalities of a Renaissance Discoverer who celebrates all things that contribute to living a life less ordinary. The rooms are spacious ranging from 40m .. all rooms are restyled and decorated with luxury amenities.

I love the neutral colour palette *brown pastel* used. All rooms are fitted with re-engineered wood flooring, a day bed as an extra bed and the luxurious Marriot's Plush Bedding with topper and rich linen. I imagined myself Sleep well like a Sleeping beauty in this room *till I dont feel like waking up the next morning* because the room are too sweet and comfort.

The reconfigured bathroom offer guests greater space and is installed with 4 bay bathroom fixtures with rain shower *i like*

Rooms are equipped with Samsung 48" full HD Smart TV complete with seamless internet connectivity throughout the hotel *i like it too* 

Oh My Coffee *love*

It was a truly unforgettable evening. We had fun celebrating The 5th Global Day of Discovery with Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel. The food was delicious, the entertainment was really entertaining and the newly renovated West Wing rooms are perfect .. either for business or leisure, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel has it all.

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