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Another chapter of my exercise diary .. hidup Misz-ella camni la .. kalau tak kerja, exercise. Kalau tak kat Event kat Gym. Tu je la tempat...

Althea Turns One Birthday Party

Hello readers ..

Pic from Althea's FB

Althea is 1 year old and I joined their Birthday Celebration. Opsss .. ada sesiapa yang masih tak kenal Althea? Althea adalah portal membeli belah online yang membawakan kita pelbagai produk kecantikan buatan Korea pada harga yang tersangatlah 'wallet friendly and for sure will make you happy'

I am one of Althea's fan since Day 1 and the invitation from Althea to join their Birthday Party Celebration was accepted with an open hands. Kecik Tapak Tangan Nyiru Misz-ella tadahkan, bak kata orang tua-tua. So 24th July 2016, I made my way to Ruang, SS 18, Subang, Selangor. Today is Althea's 1st Birthday and the colour theme is PINK!! Yipieee .. PINK is our favourite colour, right.

First of all .. Happy Birthday Althea Korea. I dressed up in PINK to show my love and support to you.

The bunting .. all in PINK!

The stage. Uhummm .. what will be the surprise or highlight of the Party? So excited !!

Opsss .. there was a giant make up box at the Photobooth by Glitz&Glam Studiobooth I want to take pic too!

Althea Turns 1 Birthday Cake

Make up? Skincare? Hair and Body Care? Get it from Althea!

The pretty pink sweet treats from Althea for the pink guests .. Yummy!

DIY your own Bingsu Bar

My DIY bingsu .. not that bad, right. Quite cool too *hehe*

Some of the guests .. all in PINK!!

Bumped into my darling blogger friend Elana Khong .. I so miss you babe!

Heyy look ... Deelicious in the house and my lovely 'adik' Mieza was there too. 

What is party without balloons? nak main belon jugak lah!

The Diplomatic wife Carolific, Frank the Althea Korea's CEO, Sabby Prue the famous Beauty blogger and Mieza .. *pic from Miera Nadhirah's FB. Tq sayang.

Another shot by Miera Nadhirah. Tq again sayang.

Blogger Anfaal .. lama nya tak jumpa dia. Tetap manis dan sweet macam dulu-dulu. One thing about her, terjumpa di mana-mana, dia tak pernah lupa terlebih dulu menyapa. Thanks sayang *Pic from Anfaal's FB.

Young blogger Lee Shin and Lee Yan were there too *Pic from Lee Yan's FB.

The sweet little Pinku No Sakura

Blogger Cindy Tong and Elana

An opening speech by Frank, the Althea's CEO. It was nice to meet him again and again. Well, as usual Misz-ella is Althea's supporter and my face can always be seen at any of their event. You know why I love to support them? Cos Althea's price is always wallet friendly and the product always make me pretty.

The first surprise of the party was ..... FRANK CAN SING!! He has a nice powerful voice and a very manly tone! He delivered the song very well and received a big clap from the PINK ladies!

The cake cutting ceremony. Happy Birthday to you .. Happy Birthday to you .. Happy Birthday to Althea. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday Althea. You have done a great job a year around. Keep on rocking our day by bringing more beauty products from Korea. Please continue to make us pretty and prettier day by day. Happy Birthday.

Its Althea's birthday .. but we were the one who get the Gifts!! Althea was so generous by giving us 150 credits to shop. Yeayyy .. Its shopping time. 150 credits to spend in 30 minutes and Althea's beauty site are just ... WONDERFUL!! Lots of choices from the skincare, make up, hair and body care. The hall was suddenly quiet. Everybody were focusing on the phone. We were busy shopping and we had a 'tough' time chosing. We were spoilt by choices and we enjoyed it! Thank you very much Althea.

The 3 Best Dress winners for the Party. Congratulations to the Winners. Unique, trendy and creative ..

And finally, the moment that we were waiting for .. the Lucky draw. Grab the balloons, poke it and POMPPP !! Collect your Lucky draw gift! Fun! Fun! It was so much fun poking the balloons together especially when some of your friends are scared of the balloons *haha*

Me and Faten Innanie tak sabar nak pecahkan belon

Our Lucky Draw gift ~ Rose Absolute First Serum Special Set from aromatica. Tqvm *muahhh*

All in .. all in .. we had a blast spending our time together during the Althea's 1st Birthday Party. So much fun!! For more info about Althea, visit their website here and do not forget to LIKE Althea's FB.


Anis Athia said...

Happening nye kak! Too bad i was in kelantan :( Miss all my blogger friends :)