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Jackie Chan in Skiptrace - In Cinemas 21 July 2016

Hello readers ..

I went for SKIPTRACE Premiere Movie Screening baru-baru ini. Lama tak tengok Jackie Chan berlakon *after Karate Kid* so agak excited jugak lah.

SKIPTRACE is an Action/adventures comedy film about how Bennie Chan (Jackie Chan) a Hong Kong detective who spending over a decade tracking notorious crime boss Victor Wong. When Bennie's goddaughter Samantha (BingBing Fan) gets into trouble with Wong's crime syndicate, Bennie must track down the man whose actions got her there : the fast-talking American Gambler, Connor Watts (Johnny Knoxville).

Lot of unexpected things happened as Bennie race against the clock to return to Hong Kong with Connor. The unlikely pair embarks an entertaining and perilous adventure that spans from the Mountain of Mongolia to the tunes of the Gobi Desert and on the journey home, this pair decided to team up to battle a Chinese Criminal who Bennie has been hunting over a decade, Victor Wong.

Well as usual Jackie Chan never failed to entertain the audience in whatever film that he acted before and so as in the SKIPTRACE. Lots of entertaining scene where we will laugh naturally especially with the spontaneous fun-friendly script. We will also get the chance to watch Jackie Chan sing the famous Adele's song, Rolling In The Deep. OhMy .. that scene are so hillarious !!

I have never been to Mongolia and to highlight Mongolia in this movie is really superb! 

Thank You RAM Entertainment for having us. We went back home happily after watching the movie. We enjoyed it until we memorised a few scenes. The movie taught the audience about our self integrity, about love, about loyalty in friendship and many more. SKIPTRACE is also good for stress-release as you will definitely laugh a lot while watching the movie. 

SKIPTRACE will be in the Cinema by today, 21 July 2016. Do not forget to check it out. It's worth watching, guys.