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Difference Maker Project : Do Things Sincerely And Deliver It From Your Heart

Hello readers ..

This is a special entry for Difference Maker Project ~ Inspiring Movement, a special project by The Butterfly Project Malaysia supported by Clinique Malaysia.

When I started blogging almost eight (8) years ago, my intention was to leave memories to my love one .. knowing the fact that my son is the only child that I have, he do not have anyone to share the moments and memories that he has with his mother. 

I shared our moments in this blog. Never cross in my mind that others would be interested with our stories and will read my blog. My thought at that time was just to leave memories for him .. so that one day, when I leave him, he has something to referred to when he miss me ~ my writing. I put my heart and soul in this blog. Every moments  .. my happiness and my sadness .. I deliver it sincerely from my heart.

I blogged about my travel to Kashmir 2 years ago. A year after, the tourist guide who took care of me passed away and a few months later, his wife contacted me with this note :-

Thank you is just a small word for you. I want to pray to Allah that you get each and everything you wish for. May Allah reward you for this. I am getting many queries from your blog. I was lost and alone but your blog helped me a lot. I got 4 confirmations from your blog. You write so genuinely. May Allah bless you, sister.

I never thought that my humble writing can make a difference in someone's life. Never cross in my mind that one day my writing will help someone to survive her life. Do things sincerely and deliver it from your heart. We can contribute to others in our own way.

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Shin May said...

Is an awesome inspiration for me~ I like the way you say "Do it Sincerely’! i will keep on blogging with my passion and sincerity.Is good to know you , Misz ella ^^ May our friendship last longer ~