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Delicious Luxury Seafood at Lobbee Thai Connection

Hello hai lovely readers ..

Its Lobbee ~ The subject of this Entry. Lobbee Thai Connection with the Big Yellow Lobster as their Logo. So excited to share about Lobbee with all of you. So lets read on to find out more about Lobbee Thai Connection.

Lobbee Thai Connection is located at LG-07 Empire Damansara, Jalan PJU 8/8, Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

A very casual, relax concept Restaurant. A good place to chill, 'lepak' and 'makan' with your friends.

Lets see the Menu ..

Thai Squid Cake - RM12 
A light crispy delicious Thai Squid Cake served with special sauce. Delicious!

Chicken Skewers - RM9
The chicken was marinated and bbq perfectly. The chicken is not dry but juicy. Dip it withthe special sauce. Urmmmm .. Very fun eating.

Thai Crab Cake - RM13
This deep fried Thai Crab Cake is nice too. It has a fresh sweet taste and well .. nothing much to talk about it other than one word ~ Sedap!

Lobbee Combo ~ Lobster, King Crab legs, Salmon, Squid, Mussels & Soft Boil Egg - RM98/3-4 pax

I called this a bowl of happiness cos our faces were all excited when this big bowl of Lobbee Combo arrived. Its a Thai Seafood Noodles with all the luxury seafood served together. Tomyam dia sangat pekat, seafood sangat fresh but for me its a bit 'salty'. Mungkin OK pada orang lain tapi Misz-ella tak kuat garam. Anway, it was fun sharing this big bowl of Luxury Seafood noodles with my 'kesayagan'. RM98 for this luxury bowl is so worth it. Seafood lovers should try this. Recommended!

Misz-ella do not want to miss the chance to take picture with this luxury bowl of Tomyam Noodles. 

5 of us sharing it together and we cant finish it. So big! So luxury! So full! So enjoy! Spending quality time eating quality food with quality friends are a moment to remember. Tq Lobbee and friends. Fun eating and chatting *love*

This is Thai Kerabu Mangga with Salmon
Oh My God this is so sedap. The Mango is crunchy, taste perfectly with the chili and I love the idea of adding the Salmon in. My first experience eating Thai Kerabu Mangga with Salmon was good but this dish is available upon special request only, its not in the Menu. So please jangan malu-malu tanya ye kawan-kawan. If you are lucky you will get the chance to try it.

The varieties of drink served at Lobbee
(L to R) - Red Lemon Soda, Ice Butterfly Pea Milk, Ice Thai Tea with Grass Jelly, Ice Butterfly Pea Lime Juice and Lobbee Ice Tea. 

I love the Ice Thai Tea with Grass Jelly and Lobee Ice Tea but the rest of the drinks wasn't bad too.

The desert (L to R) - Blue Ruby with Jack Fruit served with Santan and Blue Ruby with Coconut Ice Cream and Jack Fruit. Both are delicious!

They served the blue ruby instead of red ruby seen at others Thai Restaurant. As usual, I love this kinda Thai desert. The ruby is crunchy and the jackfruit added more taste to this cup of Thai desert.

So readers, remember Lobbee whenever you are carving for luxury seafood noodle. Sedap gila. Mewah gila. Sila la try. Bye.


Alin Marlini said...

mengancam jugak makanan dia kan...

Amanda Suria said...

KC...ni bukan mengancam lagi ni...ni kes terancam betul dah ni....