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Digital Campus 2015

Hello hai lovely readers ..

You are reading this entry because of Technology. Technology connects people. Misz-ella was invited to attend the Launching of Digital Campus 2015 recently. Thank You for the invitation. In this Entry, I'm gonna share with you more story and information about Digital Campus 2015 *which I wasn't sure until I attended the Launching*

Digital Campus is a platform for Malaysian youths to learn and develop their creativity and innovation via digital education and in turn, apply that knowledge to real life. Platform yang disediakan untuk anak-anak muda belajar dan mengasah kreativiti serta innovasi mereka melalui sistem pembelajaran digital dan mengaplikasikan ilmu tersebut dalam kehidupan. Menarik, kan.

Well, we cant deny that Youths nowadays, grow and exposed in a fully integrated culture of technology, gaming, connected communication, learning and personalization. Youths are the most adept at navigating through the world of tech. They became excited and expert on technology since their early age, they learned the technology faster than us. The world has changed, compared to the moment I was grown up ... kids/youths nowadays are very much different than me during their age. Yeahh .. the digital technology has changed the people and the world.  For many, the world is limitless at their fingertips but for just as many, it stops at the gadgets they use and the games they play.

The future will be made by creators, not consumers. Hence, the need for Digital Campus (DC). Back for its second year in the running, the multi-tiered initiative is organised by Eduspec Holdings Berhad and Youth On Unity (Y.O.U.), and supported by CyberSecurity Malaysia and the Ministry of Education.

This year, however, sets the stage to be bigger ~ Digital Campus goes ASEAN. The ASEAN edition of DC will see a greater number of participants as the events namely contests in coding, robotics, and digital art and animation would be spread across three countries; Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

CEO of Eduspec Holdings Berhad, E H Lim during his Opening Speech said that Eduspec mission and singular passion is to empower youths to create and innovate with technology. "We intend to expand to other ASEAN countries as we believe that all youths have to think digitally to better their world. And we thought what better way to do that than by opening it up to our neighbouring countries? This also opens up more opportunities for youths regardless of where they come from which is ultimately our aim in spreading digital knowledge and exposure,"

The main highlight will be the three competitions opened to students from across ASEAN.  Students are encouraged to represent their schools in the competition categories of their choice. They can either take part in WeCode the coding contest; International Robothon the robotics challenge; or in the Digital Art and Animation contest. Each contest is carefully crafted to bring out the best creative output in youths digitally.

For WeCode, teams are challenged to explore and come up with their own original creation be it a game, entertainment piece or animation programme for primary students; or a mobile game or edutainment app for secondary students. Zach Marks, who conceptualised and founded Grom Social at the age of 11, will make an appearance as well during the finals.

Chairman of Youth on Unity (Y.O.U) Mohd Nazifuddin Bin Dato' Sri Mohd Najib during his speech about Digital Campus 2015 saying that "Aside from providing a platform for youths to express their talent by combining technology and art, there's another reason why we decided to hold the competitions in Indonesia and Vietnam, We also wanted youths to make friends and learn from one another.”

This would help them expand their existing knowledge and skillset as well as enhance their worldview on the different cultures their peers are coming from. At the end of the day, we want the young minds to evolve from simple computer users to computer enthusiasts who can do wonders. And eventually, they will propel our country forward when they join the workforce,” 

(L-R) CEO of Eduspec Holdings Bhhd, E H Lim; Chairman of Youth on Unity (Y.O.U.), Mohd Nazifuddin bin Dato' Sri Mohd Najib; Vice President of Outreach & Capacity Building CyberSecurity Malaysia, Lt Col Mustaffa bin Ahmad and Senior Assistant Director of Information Communication Technology (ICT) Department, Ministry of Education, Mohd Yong.

(L-R) Vice President of Outreach & Capacity Building CyberSecurity Malaysia, Lt Col Mustaffa bin Ahmad; CEO of Eduspec Holdings Bhd, E H Lim; Chairman of Youth on Unity (Y.O.U.), Mohd Nazifuddin bin Dato' Sri Mohd Najib; Senior Assistant Director of Information Communication Technology (ICT) Department, Ministry of Education and Director of Eduspec Holdings Bhd, Tan Sri Dato Haji Ali Muddin bin Haji Mohd Dom unveiling  Digital Campus 2015.

The sharing session with the panel of industry experts ~ (L-R)  Atiq Rahman, former Robotics champion at National and regional level; Azizul Hakim (Joe), from Glue Studios; Christopher Tock, Owner of Social Grooves enlightening the guests and media more about coding, robotics and digital animation.

So readers, Digital Campus 2015 is a good platform for our kids/youths to learn and develop their creativity and to enhance their talent and skills in digital technology.  Digital Campus 2015 is a school where our kids/youths will have the opportunity to learn anything about digital technology in a professional manner.

More info about the contests, schools and students registration can be find in this specially designed portal www.eduplay.com.my or at http://www.gromsocial.com/EduPlay and www.fb.com/eduplayasean