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Sad Day

Sad day.
So sad till i cry.
My good friend passed away.

A friend who always remember to sent a Hello message. It make me feel so guilty and bad now cos sometimes I was too busy to reply his message, so i ignored.  A friend who flew my favourite Walnut Tart all the way from his place. A friend who always asked 'Anything you want from here, Ella? I will get it for you'. A good friend have left the world. My heart was pumping hard and fast when i received the shocking news. May you rest in peace friend. Thank you for your kindness. I will always remember. Semoga ditempatkan di bawah lindungan serta kasih sayang Allah SWT. 

I always love beach. I can spend my time few hours alone at the beach.

Last time when I'm sad, I will drive to the nearest beach. I will sit alone at the beach listening to the sound of waves. It gave me a good feeling. When I stayed in a hotel, i will woke up early in the morning and walked alone to the beach. The wind and the sound of the waves blows my heart away.

I went to the shopping mall alone today. Walking slowly with my sad face. It reminded me that when I was with him, everything was easy. I dont have to carry the goodies bag, i dont have to remember where i parked my car and I will always remember what he said .. dont be alone especially shopping mall cos you always forgot where you park your car. I'm going to miss you dear .. cos you are leaving me again. 

I went to settled my personal matters in the morning. Sadly, its much more difficult then I think. Sad. But I believed things happened for reason. Things come with good and bad. God tested me with a hard way cos he want me to be stronger. If I he gave me an easy way, I may not as strong as today, right. 

12102015 is a Sad Day. I dont even have a good point to smile today. 


Sizzling Suzai said...

salam takziah kak...semoga arwah ditempatkn bersama org2 yg beriman yg Allah kasihi amin...

Hanis Azla said...

As-salam KC,

Inalillah.. Al-fatihah buat arwah..

Anonymous said...

Budi baik seseorang tu cuma akan dikenang bila ia telah pergi buat selamanya, waima walaupun sebungkus coklat

Mrs Little Voice said...

smg arwah bersemadi bersama insan2 terpilih

Azian Elias said...

me sad till now.. cry n cry.. tak tau nak buat cam ne. takat boleh berdua'a agar beliau tenang di sana..