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Soft Shell Crab Spagetthi, Sirloin Steak, Chicken Cordon Blue, Nachos at The Morning After

Hai readers ..

Misz-ella pergi Food review lagi baru-baru ni. This time its The Morning After at Plaza Ativo, Sri Damansara, Kuala Lumpur.

Well, as you know, this is not my first visit to The Morning After. I reviewed The Morning After at Jaya One, Petaling Jaya before. Read this Entry to refresh memory, ya.

Soft Shell Crab Spagetthi 
This is nice tapi rasanya macam kurang aroma rempah ratus yang biasa didapati di dalam sepinggan Spagetthi je. This Soft Shell Crab Spagetthi is one of the best seller in The Morning After.

 Sirloin Steak
Soft juicy steak but i prefer Black Pepper Sauce more than the Brown Sauce. Perhaps I should ask for the sauce that I love more, ya.

 Chicken Cordon Blue
Ohh I love this meal. The Chicken is crispy, not dry but juicy .. goes well with the white creamy sos and the potatoes wedges served.

Another favourite in The Morning After is the Nachos. I always love Nachos, anyway .. so tak heran la kan kalau di mana-mana sahaja Nachos jadi pilihan

 The drinks at The Morning After - not mine .. I took photo only. Hehe.

Haha. Yeahhh .. I am the best cos I love to eat. Hehehe.

The Morning After is definitely a nice place to dine and chill with your loved one. The ambience is soft and relaxing. The food is great too. Sedap dan tidak mengecewakan. Misz-ella pun nak pergi lagi nak bawak Aiman. Nak makan Nachos. Hehe. Ok Bye readers. I'm done with my sharing session with you. Byeee.


uncle gedek said...

tak suka kopi ke?

JunAina said...

Dua benda yg menarik perhatian Sirloin Steak & kopi!