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Another chapter of my exercise diary .. hidup Misz-ella camni la .. kalau tak kerja, exercise. Kalau tak kat Event kat Gym. Tu je la tempat...

Norwegian Seafood Journey Fest

Another Food Fest that I attended two weeks ago was Norwegian Seafood Journey Fest .. held at Mandarin Oriental Hotel, KLCC.

Delight in a dazzling array of seafood from the coastal waters of Norway, that is renowned for its quality, natural taste and delicate seafood at Mosaic, by Chef Markus Dybwad such as lobster bisque, snow crabs, Norwegian herring, a variety of smoked salmon, read and black caviar with condiments, and many more ~ A luxury seafood fest held by Norwegian Seafood.

Earlier, we were presented by a demonstration on how to cut the Salmon and Halibut by Chef Markus Dybwad, a Norwegian born Chef. Chef Markus shared his experience in Asia to give the best of what can be offered of cold water seafood.  

The Snow Crab and Halibut were served after the presentation. Ohh yeah .. we love the delicious, fresh and very juicy Norwegian seafood.

Chef Markus Dybwad with the varieties of seafood from Norway

The Norwegian Seafood Journey Fest were held at the Mosaic, The Mandarin Oriental Hotel, KLCC

Fresh Norwegian Seafood ~ Is definitely a heaven for seafood lovers

The Fest presented the Norwegian Seafood in Malaysian style too ~ The tandoori crab, Curry prawn .. Hummmm Yummy!

Grilled section

The Japanese Section

The cold/salad section ~ Ahhhh sooo yummy

Waffle served with Brown cheese ~ A special recipe from Chef Markus Dybwad. We love it so much. We can't stop eating it and kept on refilling. Haha.

Coffee and Beer ~ Definitely the beer is not mine. But the coffee served is damn good till me and friend took more than one. Caffeine overloaded!! Haha.

The cold water seafood from Norway will definitely satisfy a seafood lover like me. Me and friends were having a good time testing the fresh cold water seafood. A cool night full of fun and laughter, met new friends from the 'fish industry' and enjoyed the Norwegian seafood. Thanks again for the invitation ya.


Alin Marlini said...

chef pun ensem..hehehe

Anonymous said...

yum! one word :)