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Philippines Embassy Luncheon with Mama Sita's

Hello Hai Readers ..

Misz-ella was invited by the Philippines Embassy for a Luncheon in conjunction with the Food & Travel Fair in Kuala Lumpur.

Thank You HE J Eduardo Malaya, The Philippines Ambassador to Malaysia for the Invitation. Its my pleasure to be your guests.

The Luncheon took place at The Seri Pacific Hotel on 1st October 2015. The food will be prepared using Mama Sita's product. Ohh can't wait to try it since I love Mama Sita's product so much.

BBQ Marinated Duck With Highland Greens Evacado & Apple Salsa Tara Oyster Sauce
Very soft, juicy marinated duck. So delicious! I finished all .. no leftover showing how good the taste is.

Cream of Cherry Tomato Soup Topped With Basil Pesto Crouton
- very nice cream of cherry tomato soup till we asked for extra bread from the waiter. So good taste and we love it. 

Braised Beef Stew (Calderata) Served with Herb Mash Potato & Baby Vegetables Pickled Veggie
Calderata or 'Kaldereta' is a popular dish in Philippines served during parties, festivities and other special occasions in Philippines. The beef was stewed using Mama Sita's spices and cooked perfectly leaving us none other feeling than 'happy'. 

Coconut Panna Cota Served with Assorted Tropical Fruits & Mango Topped Ice Cream
Mama Sita's has a complete range of products for our meal preparation ~ from the main dish to the desert. Yeahhh thats my favorite Mango Philippines on the ice cream. So delicious and yummy!

Coffee - Served with Mascabado sugar from Alter Trade, a local Philippine's company

Dalandan Orange Juice with Honey served during the luncheon. So refreshing especially taken during KL hot weather. This drink is 'tummy friendly' .. suits those with gastritis problem too cos it contains honey. 

Mama Sita's varieties of product. I love the good taste and this will really make our Cooking easy. No hassle .. no dirty kitchen. Ummm .. when can we have Mama Sita's here in Malaysia?

My favorite Polvoron .. I wished they sell it here in Malaysia

I met Dhaya from The Sun during the Luncheon too. Dhaya is also my blog reader. So happy to meet my blog reader during the Event that I went. Thank You The Philippines Embassy for the invitation .. not only it make me fall in love more with more Philippines food now *added kaldereta in my list* and make more Filipino friendly friends, it also united me with my blog reader. Happy to be part of the luncheon. Thanks again Philippines Embassy .. we had a great time, enjoying a good food and a great accompany.


Cecille Nepomuceno said...

Dear Msz Ella,

Thank you so much for you kind words for Mama Sita's. We truly appreciate your blog story about your experience on Philippine food. We are very happy that we have satisfied your taste.

We pray that soon our products will be available in Malaysia.

Sincerely from the Philippine Islands,
Cecille of Mama Sita's

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