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iflix Online TV ~ Huge savings with PLDT Smart Pinoy

Hai Readers *waving right hand*

Its iflix Online TV Misz-ella going to talk about in this Entry.
Watching TV in this current era can be very fun compared to those days.
TV can be watch online on your phone, laptop, PC, tablet .. wherever and whenever. The latest online TV in the market now is iflix.com. 

iflix, the Southerast Asia's leading Internet TV Service, offer us a crazy huge selections of your favorite shows, Thousands of hours of TV and movies from all over the Globe. Shows from Hollywood, Hong Kong, Seoul, Shanghai, Thailand and Tokyo can be seen anywhere, everywhere .. 24 hours per day at your convenient. 

Well, I'm sure zaman sekarang ni memang ramai yang suka menonton Online. Technology bring more and greater options to our life. With online TV, we will have the options of not going to cinema anymore and with iflix, watch online TV anywhere, anywhere .. its applicable via your handphone too. Easy, right. Good news is .. iflix offers new user a 30 days Free Trial. So whoever want to try iflix online TV, you should take this opportunity now.

Recently, misz-ella.blogspot.com was invited by the Philippine Embassy in Malaysia to witness the collaboration between iflix and PLDT, a Philippine's telco service. The Signing ceremony, took place at the Philippine Embassy in Kuala Lumpur.

A photo with Philippine Ambassador to Malaysia, HE J. Eduardo Malaya 

It was a casual, loose and relax afternoon with the Philippine  Ambassador to Malaysia, HE J. Eduardo Malaya, other Philippine diplomat, other Filipino's community in Kuala Lumpur, the media and other blogger friends. The food was good *well, I am a Philippine's food lover, anyway* and I love the loose, rilex, casual event ambience during the Event.

The collaboration between iflix and PLDT Smart Pinoy offers a huge savings on iflix watching with their data subscription. Well .. I'm sure you know that we spend a lot on data while watching online, right and I'm sure online watchers like us knew that the data plan in Malaysia is not wallet friendly unless if you really have a perfect data plan *which suits your budget*

A group photo during the Launching

The sim card user of iflix and PLDT Smart Pinoy offers a huge savings as low as RM38/30days/2GB data or RM50/60days/3GB data. Pretty good offer, right.

An entertainment during the launching. Ohhh I just love to listen to the Filipino's singer. They really have one of the best vocal in the World. She sang few of my favourite song and I cant help myself than singing together. 

It was really a fun afternoon despite the KL haze and the heavy rain. We really had a good time. Thanks again for the Invitation. 

So readers, do not forget to check it out as it offer a huge savings .. Visit their website at www.pldtglobal.com or their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/SMARTPINOYMYOFFICIAL and lets enjoy watching iflix online TV.