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Another chapter of my exercise diary .. hidup Misz-ella camni la .. kalau tak kerja, exercise. Kalau tak kat Event kat Gym. Tu je la tempat...

Lombok 2015 Day 2 - Gili T, Gili Meno and Gili Air Adventure

Hello hai .. its day two of our Trip to Lombok. 
Hari ni kita pergi Snorkelling. We bought the package a night earlier. Only IDR100,000 per person to 3 destinations and 4 hours. So cheap. Kalau kat Sabah dah makan ratus seorang ni. So lets go!

Breakfast at Gili T Resort Coffee House. The Banana Pancake is super nice. I repeated it two continuous days in Gili Island. We also bought some local 'Nasi' from the local people.

The earliest boat ride is at 10:30 am. No earlier boat. So lets go jalan-jalan look see look see ya ..


Banks, Apotek (Pharmacy), 24 hours convenient shop, are everywhere in Gili. Do not worry of not enough money or fall sick  .. Gili is a very tourist friendly island.

There are many Money Changer too

Spa is everywhere too. We went to Bamboo Spa at night.

Morning in Gili. There is no dogs and no pork selling in Gili. There is no cars or motobike in Gili. Yang ada hanya Speda (bicycle), cidomo (horse ride) sahaja and I saw some goat too.

Snorkeling package is everywhere too. The price is slightly the same ~ IDR100,000/person for four hours snorkeling package. Do not pay more, ok.

This is cidomo. I'm not so sure what is the price. 

Morning walk in Gili Island .. look see .. look see ..

Finally its almost 10:30 am, our snorkeling departure time. Journey to the boat is via the  floating jetty. There are two jetty here .. I dont know why they didn't use the other one.

Excited for the boat trip. Muka macam konfiden la sangat padahal dalam hati ada sedikit takut. 

 Its a big boat with a capacity of 40 persons, sharing with others. Quite fun to share the boat with all of them.

Its a glass bottom boat, you alls .. sila cuci mata di dalam boat ye

The first stop was a Snorkelling Spot. We jumped at 16 metres depth above sea level. Berani ke tidak? The waves was strong and its 16 metres!! Hurmmm .. lets do it .. jom kita terjun. Maka kami bertiga pun terjun bersama-sama. 

Tired face after snorkeling. The waves was so strong pushing us far from the boat and I am not a good sea swimmer and scared of the big waves .. kalau swimming pool tu ok i swim but the excitement and the confident level put me in the sea. Its a good experienced for three of us. Mencabar diri untuk melakukan sesuatu yang sukar adalah sesuatu yang sangat berharga. But I tell you .. the scenery is beautiful. Once you are underwater, ohhhh .. its heaven. Nice coral, colourful fish and a lot of divers too. Haha. Untung la sesiapa yang cekap berenang .. boleh ke sana ke mari menghayati Laut cantik di Pulau Gili ini. Its seriously beautiful.

Next stop is the Turtle hunting. The guide said .. Follow me dont follow the turtles .. the waves here are stronger and damn deep. Scary!! Misz-ella langsung tak turun. Not only me, ramai lagi yang decided to stay in the boat. 

 Some of the people were sick ~ headache, vomitting .. mabuk laut. I was ok. 

 This lady was help to the boat. She didn't have anymore energy to swim as the waves are so strong and big. She was seen floating without moving.

Thanks to this 3 beautiful lady who noticed and realised the lady's condition and asked the boatman to rescue her.

Opsss .. she was trying to balanced herself actually as the boat shakes cos 
waves are very strong. I talked to this beautiful lady but forgot to ask her name. 

The 3rd stop was at  the Gili Air Island

Cantik pulau-pulau di Lombok ni. Air bersih dan jernih, pemandangan cantik, pencemaran, sampah sarap, bau tidak menyenangkan langsung tak ada. Haihhh .. bagaimanalah hati ku tidak jatuh cinta.

Gili Air Island is happening and beautiful too. There are 3 Gili Island and Gili Air is the second smallest island.

We had lunch at one of the local stall in Gili Air Island. Stopped here for 1 hour only for lunch and rest before we took the boat ride to return to Gili Trawangan Island.

Back to Gili Trawangan Island by 3pm. Gili Trawangan yang sangat indah ... jatuh cinta dan angau sudah aku pada dia. I am a beach lover actually. I always love to spend my time alone at the beach listening to the sound of waves .. ohmyyy .. tenangnya rasa hati tak dapat nak dihuraikan .. its undescribed feeling.

Walking together with Yana at the beach. We are friends for so many years .. we travelled together a few times .. only this year we hardly see each other because of my busy schedule. But true friends will never forget a friends .. tak perlu jumpa hari-hari jika dah ukir nama dalam hati.

I always love to print my name ~ at the snow mountain, at the beach .. everywhere .. at Gili Trawangan, i printed my name using the corals. Misz-ella was here .. at Gili Trawangan, bringing herself far from home .. together with her friend Yana and Mila and she really enjoyed here moments there. Yeahh .. Lombok is one of my dream destination and its not easy for me to make my way to this beautiful island as many of my girlfriends refused to go to Lombok. Thanks Yana for agree with me. She booked my flight, she prepared the Itinerary, she studied a lot about Lombok and Gili .. she even bought a pair of shoes for me purposely for this Trip too. Thanks so much Yana. Love you.

We went to the swimming pool to continue swimming but its fully occupied .. no luck la, kan.

At 5pm, we went for another round of cycling at our Day 2 in Gili Island. Seronok sungguh dapat berbasikal di sini. Suasana tenang, aman damai dan angin sepoi-sepoi bahasa, cuma kena berhati-hati with the 'cidomos' (the horse ride) cos they always want to go first. Sila lah wahai kuda. Aku pun rimas kalau kau duduk belakang aku .. kot la terlanggar, tergolek la daku, kan. Haha.

I think i was really in the mood of cycling. I cycled quite fast leaving Yana and Mila behind. Ohhh jahatnya daku tak tunggu kawan, kan. Tapi apa nak buat .. when the mood is in .. I'm like in my own world. I do not want to lose my stamina and feel by stopping. ByeBye friends see you there. Ahahahaha ..

The first stop was at The Exile Gilit Resort. The swing was empty. Yeayyy .. mari kita fotoan ~ kata Buk Yana.

The second stop was at Ombak Sunset Beach Resort  - one of the famous beach and resort in Gili Island because of its sunset scenery and the romantic double swing which they built in the sea. People purposely came to this resort to get their photos photographed in this beautiful spot.

Ombak Sunset Resort has a very beautiful private beach

I seriously suggest Ombak Sunset Resort for those who want a quiet private holiday or honeymoon. Its quite far .. 5km from the jetty ~ the hottest and busiest spot in Gili Trawangan Island. 

Buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner served by the beach. Must be romantic for a couple who come here for honeymoon, kan.

The hottest double swing in Gili Trawangan .. the most photographed spot in this Island, i guess. You have to queue ya and the resort charge you for every photos taken by their photographer. Misz-ella? Hanya mampu memandang .. malas aku mahu beria-ia berebut dengan mereka-mereka. I already so happy when my wish came true ~ to see this favorite spot by myself. Dah cukup bersyukur dan berbahagia dah i.

Tumpang posing sekejap .. 

The sunset at Ombak Sunset Resort, Gili Trawangan Island *jatuh cinta*

After took some photos, we cycled back 5km to Gili T Resort to return our bicycle and dinner. Today we cycled another 10km. Yeayy !! And again, the local food at the night market is our choice. We repeated Ikan bakar cos its fresh and super sweet. 

I saw a lot of 'Mat Salleh' went to this stall for Dinner. Majority of the people in Gili Island are farmers .. they planted a lot of vegetables and they cooked a very nice vegetables dish. Ramai Mat Salleh beli makanan di Gerai ini. Must be very nice ya.

After dinner, we went for a Spa. I want a Reflexology massage to treat my tiring feet. Yana and Mila chosed body massage. Misz-ella seperti biasa .. tak suka orang sentuh-sentuh badan saya so Reflexology massage and Facial is enough for me and our choice is the Bamboo Spa.

The Massager was a man. First question .. what do you use? Your hand or a wood? Guna tangan embak. Kuat ke tidak? Tidak kuat embak .. ok .. you make sure ya .. if not definitely my feet will give you a kick. Hahaha. Walking home alone after I finished my session at the spa as Yana and Mila has finished earlier. I stopped at the 24 hours convenient store to buy my favorite Indonesian Teh Botol. Gili Trawangan is a safe place. Do not feel worry or scared even its almost 12 midnight. The town never sleeps .. music from the Discotheque, Bar keeping the town alive until 3 am. Orang ramai di mana-mana tak perlu risau apa-apa.

Day 1 was fun. Day 2 was amazingly adventures and fun too. Lombok is so lovely and sangat memikat hati especially the Island of Gili. I am so excited to share my Day 3. Wait for my next Entry, ok. Thanks for reading and Byeee.


Alin Marlini said...

awesome snagat...tang buaian kat laut tu yg best giler....one day2....i'll there...hehehe

Amanda Suria said...

lagi KC..lagi....x cukup ni