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Revealing the art of "Modern Date" ~ A Matchmaking Masterclass By Lunch Actually

Hello readers ..

Recently I had an opportunity to participated in the Matchmaking Masterclass organised by Lunch Actually ~ Asia's Premier Lunch Dating Company. One of the facts highlighted in the event surprised me ..

Marriage rate and birth rate in Malaysia is going down 

Most decided to stay single instead of settling their life with a knot called marriage and some married couple decided to 'honeymoon forever' instead of starting their family. Lets talk about point no. 1 which is the main subject of this entry.

Matchmaking Masterclass by Lunch Actually

In this dynamic modern life of metropolitan city, most of us has a roller coaster life. We are busy managing our hectic schedule .. life revolves 24 hours continuously .. life never sleeps, therefore some of them might miss the opportunity to meet someone that could be their potential life partner. Well .. finding a suitable lifetime partner seem to be an obstacle for them. I seriously think this has affected the quality of life ~ to love, to be love and to live happily ever after has become a fairytale, people became very lonely, start to spend their time unnecessarily .. sad, right?

The primary reasons for this issue are the orientation and high expectation towards careers. This has become the barrier of finding their suitable lifetime partners. However, this doesn’t mean that singles don’t desire romantic relationships and love but they might need a proper help.

Actually, the trend of match made a couple are not new. In my family, mom and sis did match made a couple who ended tied their knot together .... but those were the traditional way. Lets talk the modern way of dating or to be exact finding your perhaps lifetime partner through Lunch Actually.

Lunch Actually, a premium dating company presents a solution for this problem. Started in 2004 by husband-and-wife duo Jamie Lee and Violet Lim, Lunch Actually is now the first and biggest Asia’s matchmaking service with regional presence in 6 cities in Asia and over 100+ associates, lovingly called Cupids and Transformers.

It opened doors in Kuala Lumpur in 2005.

Its database includes various high-flying professions such as managers, executives, directors, administrators, lawyers, accountants, doctors, and entrepreneurs. They are eligible and successful professionals who are serious about finding love but unable to find them due to their busy schedule.

Lunch Actually offers several required steps for the clients prior to date arrangement: starting from personalized profile of the clients, face-to-face in-depth interview with the dating consultant to determine the character of the desired potential partner, handpick other members who meet their criteria, setting up appointments in preferred place and booking the restaurants, and also following-up with clients after the date for feedback, which will then be used to refine their criteria, allowing better matching for next dates.

Why lunch?

The momentum of lunch is the suitable way for client for the introduction phase and to determine suitability with that specific candidate. In a relaxed atmosphere, informal and comfortable, clients will easily establish chemistry with their date. For some, meeting with a stranger can be uncomfortable. The process of lunch itself is more casual ~ sweet and simple. This is one of the great ways to break the ice and get acquainted,” said Violet.

Lunch Actually has arranged more than 90,000 dates with 85% matches satisfaction rate. As a result, thousands of marriages and relationships have been formed through their introduction. Lunch Actually is also the 1st Asian certified match made agency by the Matchmaking Institution in New York.

Lunch Actually has 6 branches in South East Asia. It is a completely offline service which help in handpicking the most suitable match for each client so you don’t waste a lot of time and effort screening through unsuitable matches. 

One of the most important key points that I learnt from the Matchmaking Masterclass was, quite often most singles have an idea of what they expect in an ideal partner without realising that what we want in our life might not what we need, actually. I love the WANTS vs NEED game! Interesting!

So readers, if you have a friend (or perhaps you, yourself) who is not dating anyone  and they haven't seen anyone romantically in a while, probably you should give a helping hand by introducing them to Lunch Actually. Lunch Actually is located at :

Suite A-29-10 Leel 29, Menara UOA Bangsar
Jalan Bangsar Utama, Bangsar, 59000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel no. +603-2282 8310


 Email them at : klcupids@lunchactually.com


Visit their website at www.lunchactually.com

You might make a different in someone's life .. who knows, right.