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Selina's Birthday Luncheon at Dazzling Cafe, Mid Valley

The best things in our life is surrounded by LOVE. Either love from your friends, family, from 'kesayangan' .. love completed our life.

I recently had an opportunity to celebrate one of my 'kesayangan' lunch. It was Selina's birthday!! I was still at UK when suddenly I was added to a Whatsapp group created by the lovely Datin Viannie. Thanks Datin Viannie for remembering me.

After a few discussions, we agreed to choose Dazzling Cafe at Mid Valley as Selina's birthday venue.

The Birthday invitation card was prepared. Wow!! Sweet pastel theme luncheon .. must be nice! Selina love it .. said Datin Viannie

15th March 2017, I made my way to Dazzling Cafe, Mid Valley .. joining the rest of them for Selina's Birthday Luncheon. I missed her actually. We were supposed to meet on a few gathering but I missed it. Yah I must admitted that my conditioned was bad during the last quarter of 2016 and this sweet Selina, even I didn't say a word, she replied me with a sentence that touched my heart ~ Come .. Let me give you a hug. Sweet!

Selina's birthday luncheon were attended by Datin Viannie, Heather, Anne, Tomas, Martina and Ruth. It was nice meeting this bunch of beautiful people.

Datin Viannie ordered this lovely cake for Selina's birthday. Sweet lah the cake ... nice! We love it!

And Dazzling Cafe is such a perfect venue to celebrate our gorgeous Selina's birthday .. bright natural lights .. glass windows .. greens .. sweet!! As sweet as our birthday Queen!

Our birthday queen with her beautiful birthday cake

Happy Birthday again and again, Selina. Thank you for being such a good friend to me .. who always supported me and build me up. Pepatah Melayu yang mengatakan Tak kenal maka tak cinta itu adalah sangat benar. I know Selina very well ~ a humble, low profile modern lady, a mother of 3 sons, a friend of mine .. who might look arrogant on her appearance but she has a truly beautiful heart, one of a very strong women I ever knew. May all the happiness be with you, Selina. Semoga sentiasa berada di dalam lindungan serta kasih sayang yang melimpah ruah. I look forward for many more years of friendship with you .. do more things together .. spend more time together. I love you, my dear friend.

Thank You Datin Viannie for all your efforts in arranging this lunch. The lunch was sweet, simple and sweet .. sweet and sweet!! There was no other words to described my feelings other than SWEET! It was a short and sweet lunch for our lovely Selina's birthday. Thank you All.